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  1. The OP wants a cheap gaming pc for his friend not a power eating quad fire set up with a side of fries Relax on the power supply , the parts he buys are warrantied. If somehow his power supply blows up the neighborhood at least he can get his hardware replaced. A little easy on the dramatics gang.
  2. You have a nice set of hardware! Welcome to the forums. What I like to tell all the new folks is every pc is different , kind of like people. Therefore each pix will overclock differently. The best advice I can give you is keep at it, read up on guides and stickies. Look for others with similar hardware and see what they have come up with. Without sitting at your pc it isn't easy to kelp overclock it. That's where you come in . The best way to know if your stable is stress test it with the various programs out there prime 95, occt, ibt etc. Any blue screen is a sign you are not stable. Have you tested yor RAM? Sometimes you may be CPU stable but your ram isn't. Or vice versa Don't get discouraged. Enjoy it , overclocking is a blast. Good luck!
  3. Just because some of us dont agree with skimping on a power supply doesn't really mean anything. From my own experience and money I don't skimp. It's not my money so feel free to buy the cheapest PSU you like Mass media doesn't influence me, hard core builders like Paul and others do.
  4. I tested it with a multi meter , how else could I have tested it. It tested fine but only powers up the asus board I used to own. The two new ones didn't power up. It's not a big deal, just a curious one. Thanks for the replies
  5. The one I built for you is a decent gaming pc as you requested. The 6870 I chose is a little better but 6850 is fine. I wouldn't skimp on a power supply and honestly the one I picked is a heck of a deal. Even so, good lck with your build for your friend. He can always upgrade the cpu later. May he enjoy many hours of happy gaming.
  6. Case Motherboard CPU RAM GPU HDD PSU $495 shipped with free trial free shipping, promo codes and $45 in rebates = $450 There is even a shell shocker deal in there
  7. Assuming you just game That system you have is pretty nice. I'd wait unless you have disposable income and ..must...spend.....it.. now
  8. Yea, I found some here and there about it works for some games but not for others. I guess I am just trying to find excuses not to upgrade to windows 7.
  9. buy a soul trap spell and cast it on an enemy then kill him within a certain amount of time, think it's 5 seconds iirc.
  10. Lol what if it's below zero weather outside and you left your windows open?
  11. I've got the ASRock extreme 3 gen 3 board that has this software but it is only usable with windows 7 afaik. I still use vista but have gone over same articles that really Don't show lucid virtu helping with regular video games (ie skyrim) I mainly just game and surf. So, I am assuming it isn't that much a difference if i go and buy windows 7 Any thoughts?
  12. I've got the 212 Evo and have a 4.3 @1.25v 8hr prime stable so far and temps are in low 60s. I used the cooler master provided tim though.
  13. Curiously I have found out my power supply though not completely dead can't seem to boot up any motherboard I tried except my old Asus p5q pro. I bought a Corsair gs600 and everything fired up on my new build. I do recall one of my USB ports shorted out about a year ago on that board. Maybe it killed something inside the PSU. /shrug.
  14. I have the same CPU, motherboard but m cooler is the cooler master 212 Evo. I'm going to be setting mine up here shortly. Good post , I'll let you know where I'm at later on. Thanks for sharing! By the way , what BIOS are you using? Were you able to boot up with both sticks of RAM or only one stick? Thanks
  15. You could build a nice pc for $2500 j/k London is a great city. You will love it. Have fun!
  16. That would require common sense , a tall order for any government agency.
  17. I apologize if you interpreted it as flame war. I'm just having fun with this. No harm no name calling unlike another poster in the thread. I respect everyone's opinion.
  18. Show some proof he didn't make hose obviously real quotes Oh the denial lol
  19. Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. He was lead editor for a bunch of racially charged propaganda back in the 80's and 90's . He is endorsed by a grand wizard of the klan. He makes silly claims about the state of affairs in the middle east.
  20. Fox news doesn't bother because they already know he can't win. Here is a source for you to read up on about ol whitey. http://www.israelnewsagency.com/ronpaulnaziskkkelectionsvotersusiowagopisraeljewishchristiansiranislamicterrorismcaucuswarlibertyblacksbarackobamarepublicansdemocrats48010212.html
  21. Can't win a debate? Resort to name calling. Classy.
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