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  1. Are you saying those aren't good reasons for being against SOPA?


    If you want my reasons for why I personally am against SOPA.


    First and most importantly, I simply don't want the government controlling the internet, that goes for corporations as well. Stuff like this can kill free speech and free market, and people could possibly never hear about it when something like that happens, we've already seen how little of the population knows about serious issues such as SOPA or NDAA in the current situation.


    My second most important reason is because this could, and I personally believe it will, make the job situation a lot worse than it already is. A large number of people make their living off of the internet, if we start killing access to sites like youtube, that's a lot of people losing their jobs.


    Third, I don't like the government or movie studios telling my ISP how to do business, if there's one thing I don't like it's the killing of a free market.


    I have many more reasons, and yes, in case anyone is wondering, piracy is one of my reasons for opposing SOPA. I don't claim it as a good reason, but it is one of my reasons, it is also my lowest reason, all the reasons I have provided above and reasons I haven't provided that are legit concerns are more important to me.


    If I had to sum my reason up into one single sentence, it would be this. I oppose SOPA because I believe it opposes freedom.



    I have to say, I'm quite glad to see someone else talk about NDAA for once. Granted this thread is about SOPA but even so, I believe SOPA and NDAA are on a somewhat even level when it comes to how concerned people should be about the issues. Even so, there is a thread for NDAA as well, which has significantly less responses than any of the SOPA threads so far.


    While I am glad, I'm also saddened that it's being brought up by someone from another country, I believe this is a good indication of just how little Americans know about what's going on in their own country.

    I was around before the internet , I remember how it was and if the Internet were to stop functioning for sites like Facebook and you tube the world isn't goin to end.

  2. Seriously? GTFO! You can go anywhere else you want and STILL have less freedom ya whiney little child. So GTFO and go enjoy your lack of freedom to whine and cry about your lack of freedom.


    I hate people like you, I am no patriot by any means but even I am not as ignorant as you to believe that I'd have more freedom anywhere else. People like you should NOT be able to vote or have any say in anything that has anything to do with MY country you whiney lil punk. What are you 7?


    To all you people that want to whine and cry about our freedom or your theoretical "lack there of". Quit your whining and GO VOTE YOU PATHETIC WINDBAGS! How's that for a lack of freedom, if you windbags all got together and voted you could stop what you kinda but don't rally believe ( or you'd be voting against it already ). Other countries don't give pathetic people like you that option, they just do it.


  3. I am not totally sure what you are asking, but the answer is still no. In no way is caching an SSD with another SSD a good idea.

    Strictly talking about an ssd used as cache with a mechanical hard drive.

    Never mind , you are a pain in the butt sometimes.

    I've seen enough

  4. Hi gang,


    I am in the process of cleaning up some of my hard drives.

    I want to move my music file(32gb) from one regular sata drive to another. They are both identical 160gb hitachi desk stars.

    My ttransfer speed for this file is 11mb/s

    Isn't that a bit slow?

    These drives are both interior mounts a run off the sata 2 ports on my motherboard.


    I know these are old and decrepit drives but shouldn't I be getting faster rate?

  5. There is no point for him to go to IB though? He has a awesome PCI 2.0 card rather than a PCI 3.0 card. So no need for the PCI 3.0 aspect of IB since he doesn't have a video card for that. Aside from that the only thing he would get a benefit from would be the increased speed, but there again it won't affect him since the i5 is plenty fast as it already is for gaming.


    I say that going with the 2500K for now and then building again when sky lake comes would be a much better investment.

    Of course there is a point, why skip ivy ? If on a budget you can get a more than capable i3 and add another $100 to your video card or add an SSD. There are points all over the place , not just one or none.

  6. What's your monitor's resolution? A 6870 should be able to play most games at high-ultra settings smoothly. Though, looking at your card, it should be more than enough. I should know, I'm using it's Radeon rival, a 6950 flashed to 6970. :thumbsup:


    Also, considering that you don't have any plans on overclocking, you might want to skip on the I5-2500k and wait for it's Ivybridge version. Buy an i3-2100 for now and you'll be able to save at least $50-$80. There's not much difference between a stock i3 and a stock i5, especially when it comes to gaming.

    Excellent point , the i3 has hyper threading , almost like te quad core as far as most games are concerned. Since you aren't going to overclock I'd seriously consider the i3 if you are looking to save a few bucks.

  7. So I ran Prime 95 a little longer this time, VCORE hit 87C, that's on stock settings. That shouldn't be happening should it? :(

    No your fan is either mounted wrong(it is mounted right? :P) or you used too much tim or its over 100 degrees in your house.

  8. Thanks for saving me money Waco :P

    I just can't get myself to order an SSD. They just seem to not last very long or have firmware ussues and then I've read a lot of people get bsod or other weird errors.

    Mas tiempo for SSDs to get better, for me anyways.

    I'd call corsair and have a nice little talk if I were you though if you haven't already.

    Good luck

  9. Are you being sarcastic? Or do you seriously believe that?


    I have yet to see a company support PSU failure related issues (other than ASUS) .


    What is wrong with the PSU? Without rebate it is a great price, and with rebate it is an even better price. Plus it is a corsair 80 plus certified PSU. I mean how much more could someone want?

    I think I've explained myself pretty well already. It's not my money to spend so I won't huff and puff over components.

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