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  1. I was around before the internet , I remember how it was and if the Internet were to stop functioning for sites like Facebook and you tube the world isn't goin to end.
  2. Too bad. I am entitled to my opinion.
  3. Admittedly I haven't spent much time on it. To answer your question , pelosi is against it so I am automatically in favor of it
  4. Are the folks who are against sopa against it because they might lose facebook or I twitter or wach you tube?
  5. Are you? You told me three times in very long winded terms it isn't good. Why do you keep on? I got my answer from el capitan and here you are with your gang of bullies.
  6. K thanks , I'm going to try using an ssd as caches for another ssd.
  7. Strictly talking about an ssd used as cache with a mechanical hard drive. Never mind , you are a pain in the butt sometimes. I've seen enough
  8. One more question, would write speeds matter to the ssd used as cache?
  9. Would it benefit to use a 32 gb ssd as cache for a 128gb boot drive ?
  10. Hi gang, I am in the process of cleaning up some of my hard drives. I want to move my music file(32gb) from one regular sata drive to another. They are both identical 160gb hitachi desk stars. My ttransfer speed for this file is 11mb/s Isn't that a bit slow? These drives are both interior mounts a run off the sata 2 ports on my motherboard. I know these are old and decrepit drives but shouldn't I be getting faster rate?
  11. This movie would be the perfect choice for one of your special OCC movie nights.
  12. Of course there is a point, why skip ivy ? If on a budget you can get a more than capable i3 and add another $100 to your video card or add an SSD. There are points all over the place , not just one or none.
  13. Excellent point , the i3 has hyper threading , almost like te quad core as far as most games are concerned. Since you aren't going to overclock I'd seriously consider the i3 if you are looking to save a few bucks.
  14. No your fan is either mounted wrong(it is mounted right? ) or you used too much tim or its over 100 degrees in your house.
  15. I still have my 4.3 gb Fujitsu hard drive that came with the first pc I ever bought back in 1998 , works like a champ.
  16. Jimmy carter should be sent to one of those camps.
  17. Thanks for saving me money Waco I just can't get myself to order an SSD. They just seem to not last very long or have firmware ussues and then I've read a lot of people get bsod or other weird errors. Mas tiempo for SSDs to get better, for me anyways. I'd call corsair and have a nice little talk if I were you though if you haven't already. Good luck
  18. Don't forget the clear CMOS button mixed in between the I/O ports.
  19. With these new sandy bridge k CPUs it's almost a crime not to do it yourself. Literally have to change one or two bios settings ad that's it. Simple
  20. I think I've explained myself pretty well already. It's not my money to spend so I won't huff and puff over components.
  21. Hi gang, Is there a way to find out if your product key is valid without installing the OS on a pc?
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