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  1. Looks like that 90gb drive from corsair is now $119.99 shipped. I've been tracking prices for several weeks and they go up ad down daily at times. One other thing is if you have 8GB or more RAM you might consider turning off your page file to save more space.
  2. Usually 2 years. I like to stay within reason and factor in the costs minus the money I get from selling off the old parts This time I wanted to upgrade until I could play skyrim like butter on ultra settings Total cost minus sold hardware :$400 Oh well
  3. I will usually , unless I i find a deal I can't pass up, buy from newegg because customer service is very good. Instead of asking on a computer forum why don't you call newegg and talk to them about it?
  4. Hey, it has been a while. I was referring to the megaupload situation, not a case where my dog ate my windows disc and I need to download it or My pet snake ate a CD I bought 12 years ago, I'll go to the music store and just take another one.
  5. That means nothing , the law says you can't pirate software it's absolute. There is no situation where it is ok to do it. You still haven't provided an example. Sop trolling isn't one , sometimes it is ok isn't one eIther. Can you provide a legal example of where it is allowed?
  6. You mean like four of you? That's the dumbest reason I have heard yet, "hey four of us agree that it's ok to steal , who cares that society and it's laws say otherwise"
  7. Piracy is wrong any way you try and spin it.
  8. The fact is people who steal lack integrity. Everything else is opinion. I shared an example of why a person may lack integrity. The bottom line is stealing is wrong any way you tr and spin it.
  9. No people who steal lack integrity. If you defend stealing then you must also lack integrity. It's not that hard to understand gang.
  10. You can say what you will but a spade is a spade.
  11. I think the word you are looking for is integrity Parents fail at teaching this to their kids. I am pretty sure all of you who support piracy have parents who failed at this.
  12. Just call back and get another customer service two to isse an RMA. You probably just have a bad fan on that power supply, it happens. You don't have to spend any money buying a corsair power supply. OCZ products are just as good.
  13. I used to have that same chip and had similar wierdness, one core runs hotter than the rest. I honestly wouldnt be concerned.
  14. I run mine at 4.5 with 1.275v 24/7 on air but honestly havent gone any higher because this chip is already overkill for what I use it for(gaming and surfing). Mybe some other day I'll see how high it can go.
  15. Is like to see the niners and ravens. Brother against brother
  16. I would look for something to the effect of a free Internet, kinda like free television and they can censor that all they want and then have a pay as you go premium Internet eventually.
  17. You guys should occupy the Internet. There ya go
  18. A little bit off topic but what about the fine Kobe Bryant received for calling the ref a homo. Nobody watching the telecast heard it but you could read his lips. Cost him $250k
  19. Look out! The government is coming to get you Barbara
  20. When the UN pays my internet bill then I will agree with them.
  21. You make some good points. I agree with you for the most part BUT, I didn't really say the world would be fine without the Internet , I said it would be fine without facebook or you tube or those other "social media" sites. Believe it or not , some people dont use the Internet. It is a privilege to use , not a so called " right" to use the Internet, same as a car. We are not entitled to these things, especially if we abuse them and that is exactly what sopa and other legislation is being created to stop. Maybe they will come up with a better way , maybe they won't but if it gets so bad I will simply stop using and paying for it.
  22. Isn't sopa supposed to protect Internet business ad help enforce copyright law? And the reasons we are in trouble wih high unemployment is a whole other argument. All I'm saying is this sopa bill isn't going to affect me. I don't Facebook or tweet
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