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  1. Ah, reminds me of those infamous G.SKILL HZ's we all coveted during the socket 939 days.
  2. HAHA! Wendy's fries own all! Seriously though, as a kid, maybe 13-14 me and my neighborhood friends were trying to kill bugs with a magnifying glass focusing the sun's rays on the critters when I saw a gasoline can in the shed. Needless to say we almost burned down the neighbor's house and I was grounded for a month. Don't play with fire.
  3. OMG, I am just joking around, why does it seem there are so many people wearing their underwear too tight?
  4. Thanks for straightening me out. Next time I buy some hardware I'll be demanding that OCC review it afterwards.
  5. Why do you want a review for a piece of hardware you already own? Don't you read reviews on items you are about to purchase?
  6. Sounds like either you have it mounted wrong or you are not using the proper temp monitoring program. Which program are you using ?
  7. Go into BIOS and look for memory remap or memory hole and enable this. It should be on the screen where you can set your RAM timings.
  8. Haha, then let the back patting continue.
  9. And how do you propose to round up all of these aliens? It would cost the taxpayer more money than 100 straight years of Democratic reign in Congress multiplied by infinity.(Ok I really am exagerating here) One way to solve this is granting immunity to the existing people here and closing the borders. If that even is a reality. Those aliens you so dearly want to get rid of contribute to society and I don't know about you but we need every person we can find to help get out of this poor economic slump by spending their money and putting it back into the economy. Giving our tax dollars to the feds and trusting them to do away with these aliens is about as secure as trusting them to get us out of the economic slump. It isn't going to happen. It makes me laugh and think back right after the elections. (during one of the chicago news telecasts) A reporter was going house to house asking people what they thought of Obama winning. A lady was singing and dancing yelling " I gonna get free cars and free gas" Folks, you are not going to get anything free in life. Especially from the good ol friendly government.
  10. Before we all break our arms patting ourselves on the back , I am going to assume those lists IVI posted are US of A dollars and not Canadien dollars , eh?
  11. I thought I have seen it all but now offering to pay someone to give you BIOS settings takes the cake. I suggest you take your shiny new PC back to Newegg and buy a dell before you hurt yourself or worse. If you don't know how to overclock that is one thing but saying you are french and don't want to learn? Really?
  12. I use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Cleans off arctic silver 5 without any residue. If you have residue it means you need to use more of that .25 bottle of isopropyl alcohol or the $6 lemony fresh stuff. Your choice.
  13. Are you going to overclock your cpu? If you are not going to then you could even use the stock cooler. No sense in adding costs if you are not going to overclock. If you are overclocking then disregard. Nice hardware choices though.
  14. Its the other way around, marshall, royal and stokley and anyone else the broncos have at receiver will now be mediocre with Orton as their QB. Cutler makes the Bears' receivers A LOT better. I'm drinking Bears kool-aid with the rest of Chicago, a Super Bowl contender. I just ordered NFL Sunday Ticket, gotaa love DirecTV.
  15. Bears are now a contender for the NFC norris division. Go Bears!
  16. The best RAM for you would be whatever DDR2 is cheapest. There is no such thing as "best" DDR2 RAM. Paying more for a RAM kit that can overclock the highest is only for if you want to bragg you can get a few more hertz out of it, which in real-world applications is absurd because you can't/won't/never will notice it.
  17. This reminds me of a church I used to go to where the minister would tell you that aliens are really demons from hell. I voted that I believe in them.
  18. No it doesn't support SLI. Nice cheap price but that is because it is an older board.
  19. My brother saw a ghost once during a high school play at the local opera house. He was wandering around the place just looking around and came upon a locked door. He looked in the window of the locked room and saw a girl standing in the room. He didn't think much of it and when he mentioned it to dome of the staff , they told him he saw the so-called ghost of the Woodstock Opera House. the building has been mentioned in books about being a haunted house. The story is something like back in the 1800s a woman killed herself in that same room because she couldn't get the role in a play she wanted. Ghosts are real imo.
  20. Oh come on Raider, what about the FPCON training?
  21. Yea, I tried that and it doesn't work. No big deal.
  22. My old 3870 had a native hdmi port and sound could be heard through the tv speakers. My current 4850 has dvi and the sound does not work through the speakers using dvi to hdmi adapter.
  23. Last thing I will say about your voltages is I was having the same issues with stability and my northbridge voltage. I was convinced I needed at least 1.5+ for it to be stable. Then I learned about VTT and GTL voltages and now my nb voltages is 1.36. Since I'm not at my pc I can't look up old threads easily but its there somewhere in this section and you can go on over to extreme systems and find the gtl voltage sticky in their overclock section. Long but very interesting read on intel quads and gtl voltages.
  24. Pll voltage is safe between 1.5-1.6v. I have mine set at 1.54 iirc. Vtt voltage is important for quads also. 1.36-1.46v or so should be a good range. But honestly we can toss numbers all day, in the end it will be only you driving the bus to its final destination, metaphorically speaking. Have fun and even if you can't get higher your clock is more that adequate in my book.
  25. 3.775 overclock is not consider a bad chip. Does your motherboard have gtl settings?
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