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  1. Not sure if drinking beer or going sober(dry) is the way to go to set up an expert board.
  2. The G.SKILL Prostock62 posted uses Samsung UUUC while this G.SKILL uses Infineon CE-5..
  3. Hello, Your link doesn't seem to work for me, I would go with the G.SKILL. I am going to pick up a set of that ram as well. Good luck.
  4. I have a thread going about my particular power supply. Granted it may work but I have a great feeling about the situation because of the members here and their opinions. If mine isn't up to the task, I will purchase one from the list. Insulting the forum here doesn't help your issue either. Treat with honey instead of vinegar.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I am really looking forward to tomorrow when my board arrives. Is there other folks here that use the expert with the Hiper PSU? And if so have you used a 4 pin to 8 pin adapter or just a 4 pin adapter for your motherboard? I also read a review on the expert board and they just used a 4 pin connector.
  6. Can you use a standard 4-pin molex connector instead of the 8-pin connector on the motherboard? I ordered an adapter just in case.
  7. Thanks tasr, I would be surprised if my current PSU is not up to the task. For the hardware I have now, I am going to keep it and see. I am not planning on upgrading my video cards until after Vista and directx 10 come out. Otherwise I will definatly take your advice and get a stronger one.
  8. Is there a certain bios I should be using or is the bios that comes with my board good enough?
  9. Well, I can't wait any longer, expert and an extra hitachi drive for raid are on the way, I will stick with my Ballistix for now.
  10. RAM prices went up since the AMD price drops. That G.Skill was $175 last week.
  11. I can get either the OCZ EB or the G.SKILL along with the SLI-DR Expert for about the same price shipped at those three vendors. Because only Newegg has the G.SKILL, I was wondering if one set is favored here over the other?
  12. I realy am liking this forum, so much information to digest. I am looking to get my board and RAM within the next few weeks. Thanks for the offer, SeanDude05, I would enjoy your guidance. The links you and tasr gave me are very helpful.
  13. Thank you for the replies, I like the layout of the expert board. Especially the position of the ram slots. I really am looking forward to the challenge, I most likely will go with the G. SKILL 2 GB kit. I plan to take my time with this board and see how high I can go. I hope with the forum's help to get much better performance out of my PC.
  14. hello folks, I have been an avid Asus fan for some time now. I know pretty much what they can do. I would like to try a DFI board and see if I can "push" my system higher. I can attain 2.55 stable and my memory can run 1:1 with my Asus board. I have been able to get my Opteron to 2.7 but not with my current memory unless I run it with a divider. My questions are which SLI board( I was looking at the expert) would you steer me towards. I really do not want to get into water cooling as of now and have a Zalman cnps7700, is 2.7-2.8 attainable on air?. Also, is there another brand of memory that DFI likes best? Is there a 2 GB set you could recommend as well? Thank you.
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