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  1. Before I switched to Vista back in Oct/Nov of last year I was a bit nervous but read up on enough of the Vista experience to make the jump from XP. Never had an issue with it and glad I made the change. I have a old sound card(soundblaster live!) and a cheapo lexmark printer I got from wally world for $20. Both work fine and Vista located and installed drivers for them and my other hardware without a hitch. Just like any advice you receive, it's good to consider the source. I know when I switched I got the "raised eyebrow" look from alot of my friends who said I was making a mistake.
  2. Here is the specification including VID range for your Q9300 direct from Intel's site. Why your motherboard BIOS is showing red numbers or purple numbers or whatever is a question to ask eVGA. Generally Red means a caution or danger but again, better to ask eVGA. Being an overclocker I can assure you I do not worry too much about BIOS settings and assume the risks involved. To each their own. Bottom line is what you feel comfortable with. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here other than 'technically" Intel thinks you should not exceed 1.3625v.
  3. Knocking on wood as I type this but my current monitor was bought as a refurb over a year and a half ago for half the cost of new at the time. Only came with a 90 day warranty. It's a bit scary but, if the price is right, I am going to buy refurbished hardware.
  4. Can you list which software that does not run correctly so I don't buy and install it? Assuming I was going to buy and install it, thanks. :thumbs-up:
  5. Since I now live in Texas where there is no state income tax, I do not have to pay any of the taxes I accrue from buying online from sites like Newegg. However looks like that will end soon, especially with more bleeding hearts in Congress. Oh well, what's one more way for the government to take my money? Pretty soon there will be a breathing tax.
  6. If you are deciding between 32 or 64 bit Vista, go 64 bit. All of your hardware choices would run fine. You could then use more than 3.2GB of RAM which is the same restrictive quality for Vista 32 bit as 32 bit XP.
  7. I always like to run blend test. I run my G.SKILLs at 2 volts. You can try using other voltages if you like.
  8. Cool but just to clarify I didn't mean to wait around for AMD to come out with new cpu's that will take months. What I meant was wait for AMD folks like Nuclear and Damian and others to weigh in with their knowledge to perhaps give a better choice of performance per dollar in that $600 budget you are working with. Sorry for the miscommunication.
  9. Ah, right-o I interpreted wrong, though those 3 ddr3 sticks would still work fine. Not a wise investment though.
  10. Not true, there are P45 boards what can use DDR3. http://m.newegg.com/Product/ProductSpecifi...N82E16813131344
  11. I would say that PC looks fine however you may want to wait a bit until some AMD guys show up. They might be able to advise you on a cheaper and more powerful PC based on your $600 budget.
  12. Yep as stated you can only know the answer by doing it. I will tell you though I have 2 friends with the E5200. One is using an asus p5q pro and 2x2 GB of corsair RAM and using Windows 7 beta 64 bit OS and has his at 3.6ghz 24/7. The other has E5200 with my old Asus p5b deluxe and 2x2 GB of Corsair using Vista 64 bit and has his at 3.25 ghz 24/7. For the cost, they are nice little chips imo.
  13. Welcome to OCC. You probably could expect 3.0 ghz on that quad. It has a low multi of 7 iirc. They both would be able to power your games assuming you are not a hard core gamer otherwise you may want to look at the E8400 for sure. I would lean toward the E8400 , its a proven winner but I also like quads because 4 cores for me anyways, seems better than 2 if you multitask.
  14. Welcome to OCC It might be a good idea to start back at stock (10x333) use 1.25vcore and set your RAM to 2.0v and be sure all of your hardware is stable.run memtest overnight to test your RAM. Run prime95. After your RAM passes for at least 8 hours(24 hours is what I would let it run for), be sure to check temps using coretemp or realtemp. Sure its a long time but isn't it a good feeling that you know without a doubt you have a rock stable machine? I like to do this so I know that there are no issues such as a bad RAM stick or something. Then I can confidently start clocking and get things rolling. A lot of things can be set wrong and the only way to find out is process of elimination. Randomly entering numbers in BIOS may work but you won't really know for sure what exactly are optimum settings unless you establish a baseline at stock and work your way up. Just because Joe Schmoe says he can run 4 ghz at 1.25v doesn't mean anything. Heck I can tell you my chip runs at 5 ghz using 1.0 vcore. Doesn't mean its true and you will never be able to prove it. What you can prove is what your PC can do and I am telling you this is a good way to go about doing it. Read the guides, they have a lot of great information and it would be in your best interests instead of just guessing and getting frustrated. Good luck.
  15. You can use asus update to update BIOS in windows, the program will be on your motherboard drivers disk in the utilities section. Inside Asus update you can either let the program connect to Asus website and find a newer BIOS for you or , if you are certain you downloaded the corrent BIOS file it can use that file you downloaded to flash BIOS. Follow the prompts it is pretty straightforward. I do want to add that it may not be worth it to flash a new BIOS unless you specifically know it can fix your issue(usually there are notes next to each BIOS about what fixes,enhancements,etc there are). Just because its newer or someone says the BIOS file is "awesome" doesn't mean you need to flash. As for your hard drive question and assuming you only are using one hard drive in your PC , it won't matter what sata port you plug it into on your motherboard. You may want to start a thread in the network forum where you will get more exposure to your problem, I wish I could help more but networks are not my thing. Good Luck.
  16. Its worth a shot to check your current BIOS and make sure you have the ethernet cards enabled.
  17. You all are priceless I swear. Its the same damn thread with a different name attached to the first post in the video card forum. OP asks a specific question about a video card. Ivi says to buy a 4850x2. Waco then has to make fun of him. Someone says buy a 260. Rinse and repeat with the rest of the peanut gallery. Good grief. I agree with Darkfuneral, why can't follks just give an opinion/answer to the OP's question for cry pete's?
  18. I'd just get one great big giant hard drive and be done with it. Velocirapter, what a marketing gimmick.
  19. I was in the same boat. I had an E6600 that was aging and I had an itch to upgrade or so I thought. Well I basically did as Wev suggested but instead of the E8400 I went with a quad for about $100 more. I sold some of my components to help offset the cost of the new items. I am but in all reality I could have just stayed with my old hardware. I don't need the extra power but it is always fun to play with new toys for me. If yopu have money to spend or actually need the extra power its worth it imo. I also love how some folks say 775 is dead. The performance of my dead platform is pretty impressive. RIP 775, haha.
  20. Haha, well we are all glad you may have solved your problem, the main reason for the forums is to learn and to help other folks out. All of us have made some mistakes. My old high school wood shop teacher once said "people who know how to fix mistakes learned from making their own mistakes themselves." Good luck!
  21. Yes, if your power supply has the 8 pinEPS connector, take off the black cap and plug her in. Praz is a sharp guy, he has saved a lot of headaches for a lot of folks through the years.
  22. I use 90% or better Isopropyl alcohol and white cotton swabs or white cotton balls. Don't stop cleaning the surface until you don't see any grey residue on the cotton. I use a plastic baggie wrapped around my index finger. I smear the little grain of rice size blob of thermal coumpound until it forms a thin layer on the heat shield. I
  23. To the OP, regardless of the debate on what is faster(your e8400 or a quad) it wouldn't be worth your money to "upgrade" to a quad like the Q9550. Even if you kept your stock 3.0 ghz clock you won't improve your gaming experiance enough to bother. As was mentioned before folks got into debating about the quads, why not try overclocking your chip. You have the means and the motherboard to easily get some more out of that e8400 but really it isn't worth it if you don't feel right about overclocking. Enjoy your PC it is a fine gaming rig as is.
  24. Asus and Gigabyte are both solid brands, it's a toss up most likely. Do a google search for reviews on those boards and see what comes up.
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