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  1. I appreciate the response from management, again I don't want to sound like I am complaining and I will take your advice and use the report button. Thanks again and let's all just have fun as usual here at OCC. :thumbs-up:
  2. Well that's constructive, excuse my whining road-runner.
  3. Well Ivi I wouldnt say you are one of them. You do alot for the community and I for one appreciate you. I want to add verran can't be everywhere at once but it's just seems like the usual banter that goes along with most threads shouldnt be allowed in the market place. I am grateful for OCC to allow such a forum but it seems some folks that have nothing good to add to just not add it, that's all. If a piece of hardware is over-priced or is out of date, let the cards fall where they may, that's all.
  4. I don't want to sound like a whiner but the rules specifically state that you should not thread crap. Where is the moderation when it comes to folks who don't like a price or feel a product up for sale is worth it? If you don't like a sale or piece of hardware or don't agree with the price, just don't post. It's not that difficult people. Can we please have more activity here and/or delete warn the people who think they have a right to post what's acceptable? I don't want to name names but I appeal to the management to at least delete the silly posts. Thanks.
  5. Future-proofing works only when talking about women. Yea honey, I will tell you what you want to hear until I find another one.
  6. Isn't raccoon stew a staple for Texans? Perhaps grilled with a side of mashed taters? <_<
  7. I am a beginner with the quads and their difficult work to get them running at high clocks. I read this monster and had some kind advice from some very good clockers here and over at xtreme forums that shed some very good light on GTL refs. It's all a work in progress, you just have to be determined and have some faith if you want to play with the big kids(I am not saying I am , I strive to be one) I was lucky and have a low VID chip (1.1875) that allows me to use lower voltages but I assure you, once I try anything higher than where I am at it , it takes ALOT of effort for me to reach the 4's and above. It took me a month/6 weeks to find my ceiling and I decided for the better to stay here and accept the 3.75 clock. Believe me, it is not easy but it's a heck of a ride, these quads are alot of fun. Don't get down, maybe take a break but it's worth the reward at the end. I don't like giving out settings because as I said before, it's not an exact science if you will. (VTT 1.32, NB 1.32, GTL ref .63x, load line calibration is disabled and I kept my skew settings at normal, your BIOS settings may be different of course because of the different boards we have,)
  8. My Q is humming along at 442 x 8.5 for a 3.757 ghz clock. I can go into the low 4's but I found it isnt worth my effort as temps are a factor and I don't want/need water cooling. After I passed the 420-430 FSB mark it became very apparent I needed to play around with my VTT and GTL ref voltages. These quads are great but as I said when you get near the upper 3's and 4ghz level you will have some work to do along with higher temps to deal with. There is no magic formula, you are gonna have to do your homework. Nobody can accurately give you the right voltages, it's up to you to find them. :thumbs-up: You have some very nice hardware, enjoy it. 3.8ghz. is nothing to sneeze at for your Q. We are all counting on you, good luck!
  9. Wow, May 1st is a popular Birthday around here. Happy Happy Birthday to all 11 members! :thumbs-up:
  10. Bump. Paypal now accepted my little friends. :thumbs-up:
  11. I have a 4850 that is basically overkill for my resolution(1368x760) so yea, what Raider, Fogel and Verran said.
  12. I never understood what a gaming keyboard is. I just assume its marketed for kids to beg their parents to buy them. I also use Saitek Eclipse and love it.
  13. Nah..It's ok, main thing is you are here to help and that's what's important.
  14. Nice post Dariuas but the OP is from down under and Newegg isn't an option. As far as the phenom II goes, if they cost that much you might as well get the i7.
  15. This is a classic example of why there are no exact rules when overclocking your PC hardware. This should be stuckied or put into a FAQ thread. How many times do we get asked "hey I have this set of RAM or this cpu, give me settings to use so I can overclock" You just can't slap in hardware, press a few keys in BIOS and then play hours if crysis or run your photoshop suite and make that special picture for Grandma. (I'm not suggesting OP did this but its fairly similar even though his PC was stable before the RAM change) Nobody but the guy sitting in front of his PC can find the exact stable settings to make PC run properly, unless of course you buy a Dell. If you take the time to learn what you are doing it will be a far more enjoyable experience.
  16. Tazwegian, I think you may want to try that "finallyfast.com" website. I am sure they can help get that PC back up to speed.
  17. I use the Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 120 and it works well for me. Temps running prime 95 peak around 55c at current clock. Idles in upper 20's c. I want to add that I did mod its mounting thumbscrews into wingnuts and bolts, which works much better. Yes itls a bit long in the tooth but still a viable air cooler.
  18. Some reviews I have read compare one stock cpu to several others at stock clocks. I don't get the point as I overclock my cpu. And even if there is a point, reviews don't take into consideration that most folks use their PC's differently. Spend your money on hardware you want. You won't be making a mistake, selecting from your choices you listed in the title.
  19. Well sure, did you know a q9550 will outperform a q9450 at stock speeds or that a q9450 will out perform a q6600 at stock speeds?
  20. Forget about AMD cpu's being poor overclockers. I'd have to say Waco is a poor overclocker though.
  21. I will have to argue that only a few days is not sufficient time for me to know for sure. So no, I won't "trust you" that its not a voltage issue. But keep at it, you have nothing to lose as you are already playing with house money at 3.8. :thumbs-up:
  22. I don't like giving out overclocking advice because it is pointless if I can't be there fiddling with the BIOS. However, you say you are at 1.17vcore. You can increase that to 1.3625vcore according to Intel.
  23. I'd get the most expensive cpu like the qx9300. It will be the fastest and you are going to need a fast laptop from HP.
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