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  1. How is this not considered murder? And I'd love to hear what her defense lawyer has to say. Plea bargain anyone? Oh, she probably was an abused child and suffers from "xyz"- syndrome. We can rehabilitate her, education is what is needed here, right?
  2. Nice PC but I have one gripe. I don't think too much of thermaltake power supplies. I would choose a reputable one like FSP Group or PC power & Cooling, Corsair or Seasonic. Great hardware and post more often. We will be gentle.
  3. There is a tremendous difference here: " You cannot enter a crowded shopping mall waving a gun" Oh now wait a minute! The damn Feds can't tell me that! The law requires to fingerprint someone who registers a car or engrave every bullet with the owner's social security number. Sure! That sounds reasonable.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it, both drives will be great but if you are concerned over seagate issues its simple, get the WD.
  5. Though some of us are psychic and can diagnose problems without knowing your hardware, its a lot easier when you can list your complete system specs and provide detailed information such as: Power supply make and model RAM , RAM voltages , timings? CPU , CPU voltages , overclocked? Motherboard , BIOS version Video Card , is it overclocked
  6. Using your linked hardware as a a guide, an I7 build would increase performance for minimal extra cost, if any. Of course we can be here a while and post links and make suggestions but in the end it's your money. My opinion does not change, your hardware choices are great. :thumbs-up:
  7. I have used a 4830 and it is basically a crippled 4850 but with proper cooling can perform like a 4850 if overclocked. There might be reviews on them here at OCC that would reaffirm this.
  8. How dare you spend your money the way you want to! Seriously though, the best thing about Best Buy is that they display their monitors. Go and see which ones you like, afterall you are the one who is going to look at it for the next foreseeable future. Samsung generally would be the best brand at Best Buy but see for yourself and choose one. I would assume there is a return policy in case the one you pick looks different in your home lighting than the store's. Don't let these folks make you feel bad, they are just trying to save ya some money. No harm there. And it looks like you have already decided to use the store credit card. Enjoy your new monitor.
  9. Looks great however for the price of that CPU and motherboard you should be able to get an i7 and motherboard.
  10. Have you tried clearing CMOS?
  11. Don't get rid of that Q, its perfectly fine and up to the task. Get more RAM and a better video card and you are set. I think Fogel said this a few pages ago iirc.
  12. Not surew what is the latest version number as I am not sitting at my PC but I am 100% sure it reads my q9550 using the 8.5 multi Turo. Try updating your version maybe.
  13. As with any overclock there isn't an exact outcome. One core can fail or the other can or both. Without listing your hardware it wil be difficult to pinpoint, whether your clock is failing because of RAM settings, voltage settings, power supply not strong enough or any of those combined. Temps also can play a role, what monitoring programs are you using and what temps have you recorded?
  14. About 5-20fps. To get a boost you would need a new cpu and video card.
  15. You might be getting some folks(fogel already touched on it) that will tell you going with that monitor you chose and those 2 4890 cards in crossfire is a waste of money. Max resolutions of 1680x1050 would not seem to benefit or justify the costs of twin 4890's. The rest of your choices appear solid.
  16. FSP Group because that is what I have used extensively over the years and have not had one issue. I can say Antec would never get my votes because I have had too many die on me or friends that have used them.
  17. That's a tough one because the Corsair is faster out of the box but plenty more money. You might want to see what else is available before you buy. If I had to choose though I would have to say the OCZ based on price.
  18. One of the things a beginner should do when trying to overclock is "practice" at stock settings. By doing this it accomplishes a few things at once. You won't run the risk of harming your components, you won't get the frustration that can discourage you and you can set up a strategy of stability testing and confirm your hardware is up to the task while you are learning. Whether you clock your processor 100% or 0%, the process is the same. I still will always test my new hardware at stock settings to have a good baseline starting point. It also helps as stated earlier to know where you are at as far as RAM timings, voltages, cooling, what programs are you using to watch temps, etc. Too many things to hash out which is another reaon I advise to test stability at stock and work your way up.
  19. Have you tried clearing the CMOS then load defaults and made sure you have RAM set to manufacturer's settings/voltages? What RAM are you using?
  20. Before you bought the new wireless keyboard, was your PC working fine and if so, how long has it been "fine"? It may just be dust accumulating on the RAM's heatspreaders. Did you notice any odor or burnt smell ? I have used CPU coolers where the heatsink was even closer than 3/4 of an inch to the RAM heatspreaders. I was using a Zalman CNPS7700 and it's heatsink fins were basically on top of my first RAM stick in the motherboard. Maybe 1/16 of space between the fins of the cpu heatsink and the RAM and ran that for at least a few years without issue. There was dust accumulating on the RAM in my situation. Have you tried running Memtest86+? I really would doubt the cpu cooler would make your RAM sticks bad, especially if your PC was running fine for a while. Is your 2nd PC overclocked?
  21. Hmm, I would like to think most folks act accordingly and handle themselves without the need of moderation. I did not start this thread because of you, you just made yourself a part of it. Don't give yourself too much credit there. Funny when we do something we should not be doing it's human nature to lash out and throw tantrum. Being as leet pimp is a little kid, you make him look alot more mature. I am done with you, sir.
  22. Why would you think that unless you are guilty. I can care less who the person is selling stuff, what gives you a right to thread crap? Thanks for the compliment, I never had an intention of being a mod here or anywhere on the internet. If my actions are wrong I will gladly appologize but I think it is you who need to look in the mirror.
  23. The usual suspects are : vcore voltage VTT voltage(or FSB termination volatge) Northbridge voltage(sometimes called MCH on some boards) GTL ref voltage PLL voltage RAM voltage RAM timings Temps It could be one of these, some, or all. It's hard to say without being there with you in front of the PC. :thumbs-up:
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