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  1. Kids used to scratch, bite, and gouge other players in dog piles in high school. One kid used to try and break other people's fingers. Those were things that were just done in the name of the sport because other players had done it in the past. You're saying there should be no rule against that?


    The reason I stopped wrestling in high school is because every-time I went to qualify for state, you'd have wrestlers wearing stinky butt jerseys that were never washed that reeked of body odor, was grimy, and some people wiped their butt with it on the outside of their chests, too. They should have made a rule against things of that sort. What the hell type of fun is that?

    The players govern that sort of thing. Like in baseball in the national league a pitcher might think twice about sending some chin music knowing he eventually will have to come to bat that game.


    The same wih his so called bounty. I a player wants to take someone out on purpose I guarantee you he will h e it coming back to him sooner or later

  2. Football used to be played without Helmets and then leather ones without face masks. The modern game is played with athletes who are bigger and faster now. I understand the concern over injury but it goes without saying if you want to play pro sports you might get injured. It's part of he game. If you don't want to get hurt, don't play the game. These

    Silly rules protecting quarterbacks and now defenseless recovers and kickoff changes is making the game lose its appeal. I also don't get all the singing and dancing at e halftime shows. It's all about

    Marketing and trying to appeal to those who don't quite like football or understand it, to persuade them to start watching.


    I believe it is ruining the sport.

  3. I was an immigrant from the original DFI-Street. When I first joined I felt that the overall technical expertise was lower than what I was accustomed to with old timers like Praz, Angry, Crazy Carl etc. over at DFI. But Dave and the team have done a good job of raising the bar in that respect. No doubt that the community as a whole is very friendly, the group publishes a good newsletter, and for the most part reviews are top notch. OCC IS my home forum and I'm happy to be a member.

    Ah the good old days. I had plenty of fun there.

  4. Well if any of the male killer wales gets a female knocked up I have a good lawyer for them to decide who gets custody.

    Also, of the female wants to have an abortion I suppose there is a lawyer for that too.


    I side with PETA, animals should have the same rights as humans , especially married ones.

  5. Even though I agree that it will never happen, we can at least try. The hippies did it at woodstock. One person died because he was dumb enough to sleep under a tractor, but for the most part everyone got along with each other. Other civilizations have done the same before. Why can't we at least TRY to do the same? Maybe in our efforts we can make the world a bit brighter.


    Oh and the best answer to your homosexuality question

    we all try each day. By loving our family and friends. Share a smile with a stranger on the bus etc..

    We don't do it by posting on Facebook how much we hate our parents.

  6. ...............Right. Which is why it needs to stop..........


    The DOJ just needs to be purged. They have some seriously stupid people in there. Remember that whole gun monitoring thing between the Mexican and US border. I think it was called project gun runner but I thought it had another name.


    Ideally that stuff doesn't happen.

    Tjj, until you realize how evil this world is maybe then you will understand. I'm with ya , I wish everyone loved everyone eke as we all fed each other grapes. News flash. It won't ever happen.

  7. Criminals have easy access to all of the automatic weapons they want / need. Hell, if all else fails they can just buy them from the DOJ.

    yep, make guns illegal, so now how does the honest good guy protect himself from the illiegal gun toting folks?


  8. Weed came from nature (or God if thats your belief). Whose right is it to say it is wrong yet tobacco or alcohol is legal?


    The war on drugs is an absolute failure and complete waste of time and resources.


    Being a homo is not protected by the Constitution.


    I have the feeling your story about the guy buying the .50 cal "sniper rifle" for deer hunting is baloney too. You just happen to be in a gun store when some deer hunter just happens to buy some sniper rifle for the purpose of deer hunting with a .50 cal....riiiiiiiiight. And how is owning a .50 cal taking advantage of the 2nd? If someone can afford to shoot a .50 cal then why shouldn't they? Do you know how expensive they are per round? What constitutes "taking advantage" and according to who?

    Alcohol is by far the worst drug on the planet and it is legal, go figure.

    I agree we waste too much time and money on the war on drugs.

    People are in prison for long periods of time for selling pot and or using pot.

    I know people who smoke pot daily and you would never be able to tell that they do.

    The only thing those folks are guilty of is being caught in which case too bad for them.

    I dont care about gay people, god bless em but i have an issue with gay marriage.

    I do have one question which sadly will never be answered. How in the world can a man be attracted to another man? Everything else being equal(feelings and romance,etc) I will never understand it with a sane mind.

    Please dont tell me it's just like a taste in food, we have wide selections of food but just two sexes. I think God had a plan for humans and it works pretty good.

    If God meant for us to be gay then how would we reproduce?

  9. Tjj your biggest problem is you are immature. You are only 19, it's expected. I wasn't very mature at 19 either. Not an attack at all just an observation.

    To prove my point you constantly throughout this thread want people to side with you. Mature people couldn't care less what others think. If you as smart as you claim why does it matter to anyone else unless you are a bit immature and insecure.

    It's like this, if you are smart , you don't need to tell people or have them validate it, they will just know it.

    I apologize earlier for saying you are mentally disturbed. I didn't mean it and was more or less just having fun with this thread like everyone else.

    I'll say you have a colorful outlook on life and leave it at that.

  10. Oh... well in that case I'll simply give myself some fancy titles as well. I'm a high up member in the KKK, I'm friends with the CEO of Timberland, and I work in a pizza restaurant with a guy studying to become a DEA agent. :D


    Am I more credible now? You best believe I am! I stand by my original statement, you're all wrong. :cool2:

    You forgot to tell us you are

    Ron Paul's campaign manager as well. Shame on you.

  11. I think the biggest problem today is parents fail. Not all but most.

    Take a look at how many high school kids driving cars their parents bought them. Or the iPhones and laptops and xboxs and nintendos. Ask around to other parents about how their kids each have their own tv computer or cars.

    I asked my friend who has 2 kids who married his wife with three. He bought a 6 bedroom house so each can have their own room. He bought the two oldest in high school cars.

    None of them work and they just complain they are bored or have nothing to do.


    My point in all this is if you provide everything a kid wants , they won't appreciate it and just cry for more later. Kids are spoiled and lazy. Monkey seemonkey do, they become products of their environment There is no work ethic or drive to succeed, can't say I blame them, their stupid parents give them everything and they don't have to lift a finger. They grow up lazy and entitled. They won't work because they never had to. Mom and dad will fix things for them.


    When I was a kid I had to earn everything I had. My first car I bought was a 1973 mercury montego for $500. I loved it. Worked two part time jobs to insure it and pay for gas.


    Back to my friend with the five kids, he works two jobs to buy them everything they want.

    I asked him why he feels compelled to spend all this money. His answer was because they have to have these things to be able to get around and have fun.

    So blind and dumb parents have gotten and now they reap the benefits. Lazy disrespectful spoiled kids who have no sense of accomplishment or vision to work hard in life.


  12. For the most part I agree with what you say.


    I think you and a lot of people don't understand just how far that ideology can be taken though.


    I mean the people literally right next door told me to my face and in front of their kids that they just had kids so that they could do the work for them. At first I thought it was a joke, it wasn't.


    Is anyone aware that there are people (and a lot more than you think) that just have kids as slave labor and will say it as bluntly as they can? I mean for god sakes this lady adopted one kid and the other was a test tube baby. Both of these kids serve the parents. I mean what a waste of a human soul. That is what I am against. It is the idea that too much extremism has seeped into and become basic parenting.


    Spanking is not ok period. That will end soon enough and you can all hate me for it, I honestly don't care.


    I think where a lot of the discrepancies are is how you guys view what the girl actually did. I think most of you feel like all she did was threw a temper tantrum and bitched about her chores.


    Now, as I have said throughout this entire topic. There is a girl down the street. She lives in a family of 9. Yes 9 kids. All of them do some sort of labor around the house, except for this one girl. She acts as if she does everything around the house. She has no care or consideration for those around her, and she isn't exactly the brightest light bulb in the pack either. She has done somethings that I believe this sort of a course of action that this guy is taking would probably be PERFECT. Best example was that she was dating a boy who was selling drugs and her parents said no. So she punched a hole in their brand new iMac. Her brother drives her around ALL over the place. I mean ALL over the place. One night it was raining REALLY hard, and she was upset and bitchy as usual, and she said that he does nothing around the house. He told her to get out of the car (while it was still raining,and mind you we were all in the neighborhood at this point). She said no, so he started driving away from their house. He said the longer she doesn't get out of the car, the further he would get from the house. Finally he gets to the end of the neighborhood, turns off the engine, takes the only umbrella in the car, and walks home leaving her in the car to rot.


    Now see why do we have to spank when we can come up with creative punishments like that? To me that was genius. Well until the girl comes knocking at our door cold and wet, and I am too much of a nice guy to turn her away. Damn guilt :yucky:


    However, I think this girl is being over worked. I do not believe that if you forget or miss a single chore you should be grounded. I mean my friend just next door was grounded for 3 months because he did not take out the trash because he was burning through his homework at a million miles an hour trying to get it done so he didn't fail his math. I mean this guy seems just as totalitarian.


    It isn't that someone should not be punished for wrong doing. But my god. It did not sound like this was the average situation. I truly believe this girl was being worked to death. Not necessarily because of chores, but because of the consequences if she did not meet his standards.


    I think every single one of you guys who has a child have faced a situation where your kid made simply made and honest mistake by forgetting to take out the trash. In that case I would hope that you would at least say "well try not to forget" and move on. I think you all allow for some sort of breathing room for mistakes or possibly will ease up on chores if the situation demands it ie the kid has a job and she or he can not do as much as they used to.


    However, I think that is where you guys and this guy differ. It doesn't seem to me like this man had any leniency at all. I know of 12 families around us that have no leniency. Some of them come up with rules simply because they like controlling their kids. They literally make a game out of it.


    I don't think you guys understand how extreme people can get with their parenting. I am all for constructive parenting and some form of order. For instance what you have wev (which the exception of spanking) is a fair approach.


    What this guy did was taking it wayyyyyy to far for a situation that should have been talked about before anything else. You never use guns to prove a point. The guy claims to be an adult, but what he did was childish. The girls life and words should be taken with a lot of weight considering that there are indeed people that take things WAY too far. Including chores guys. I mean when you have a cleaning lady, and you still make your kid clean the floors, that is a pretty big flag to let you know something is not quite right.


    I mean my mother LITERALLY almost verbatim minus the curse words. Says the exact same thing to me about her working conditions. I do all I can to help her out, so am I supposed to assume that she is being disrespectful to me, or do I take that as maybe I could do more to help her out? Mind you I do pay for mostly everything, so the roles are indeed reversed. You are all so quick to give into the illusion that children are different from adults which is why you see it as the kid being disrespectful to the parents. But I guarantee you if the roles were reversed, the parents tracking mud onto a floor that was just cleaned, getting the parents coffee, and trying to build a garden for them all sound like they are being disrespectful to her.


    We have all had mothers. If the mother was this girl, doesn't it sound an AWFUL lot like how we used to piss our moms off? Tracking mud through the house as she cleans it up? Asking for a drink without saying thanks? Wanting to do a project just to let her do it by herself? Can any of you relate? Now my mother always used to yell at me for stuff like that (and I certainly don't blame her for it). But isn't that all this face book post really is about? Someone feels under appreciated and she wants to go on strike. I mean how many of our mothers said they are going on strike, or that they should be payed for everything they do around the house? I can only imagine about 80% of all the members mother said something similar.


    Now does the mother provide any monetary, or social benefits to you ie food, a roof, insurance? Sometimes, but most of the times no. So if she is going to yell at you, does that mean that you turn around and take your gun and shoot her laptop because she disrespected you? HECK NO!!!!!! That would be stupid right? Why wouldn't you do that? Because she does clean up after you, because she does get your drink, and because she does try to finish all of your projects for you because she loves you.


    I think if all of you were to get your mothers on the phone and showed them the video, and asked them if they have ever felt like the girl. I think they would all respond with something to the effect of, are you kidding me?????? If that were me that post would have been 20 pages longer to you son.


    Looking at it a bit differently and relating back to situations I already know of, I see that there is and was a WAY better way of handling it. I can honestly say it was the parents fault, because it was my fault when I tracked the mud through the house when I was a kid, and in all fairness I could have been a lot less taxing on my mom. So it has to be the same if the roles are reversed. That is why I am so adamant to say that I know it is the parents fault for their daughters feelings, because it was my fault and probably most of your faults to get the same damn words out of your mother.


    I hope this at least changes some of your opinions about the situation. Or do I need to tell on you to your mothers??? :lol:

    That was your laptop, wasn't it? Wasn't it?

  13. Thanks for all the help guys. I shipped it to newegg today. It was easy accept for the fact that instead of shipping it threw UPS(nearest one is 60 Miles away) I shipped it USPS parcel post. They cost the same but I did not want to drive 60 miles on top of spending 15 bucks to return it. I am calling newegg tomorrow and asking for some kind of compinsation. When you spend 2+k in one day you expect to be treated with respect.

    They should have provided you a return shippig label. I received a DOA intel motherboard in January and they emailed me a pre paid shipping return label.

    If I spend money (money is instantly charged to my account) and I receive a defective product a week later then have to pay to ship it back to them , I'd gladly do my business elsewhere next time I need some hardware.

    It's always a good idea to call them up. They will always do something whether it is issuing a store credit or something

  14. Yes they can, the US does more to hold Israel back than prop them up.

    I was referring to the fact Israel doesn't have the conventional weapons to deal with undergrounded facilities (ie bunker busters) and would need to use nuclear weapons. Israel has been on record as saying they would not be the first country in the middle east to use nuclear weapons. So that being said they would need out help.

  15. Check your contents inside the box to see if seasonic wants you to go through them for RMAs.


    Personally, I don't see the difference between newegg and seasonic, and with seasonic you don't pay a restocking fee.

    You aren't going to pay a dime if you deal with newegg. They will replace his DOA PSU , issue him a pre paid shipping label and pay for shipping of his new unit back to him. They will also e a lot faster than seasonic. This is a huge difference.

    Situations like this are the main reason I buy from newegg. They won't mess around and will make sure customers are satisfied.

  16. When (and not if) Israel launches an assault on Iran it will drag all of the world's major international players into the morass. Even more discomforting is that it will bring with it the full force of the "Islam versus every other religion" aspect of this new world war. Every country will be forced to choose a side. And that folks will be the beginning of the end of the last war the human race ever wages against itself.


    While Ron Paul's approach is novel (let the Israelis handle their own security) the fact is that the US has already paid millions if not billions of dollars to most every influential player on both sides of the fence to try and "buy" peace. The end result is exactly what we should have expected. You can't buy lasting peace in a region that has been at war with one another since biblical days or before. And, the sad thing is that the US cannot afford to fight another war offshore. Hell, I'm not even sure we could afford to fight a war to protect our own coastlines and borders.

    We can't afford a war because we send billions of so called aid to Pakistan ,Egypt , Iraq , china the UN ad others to name a few. We also can't afford a war because 50 million Americans receive a hand out , Medicaid and other entitlement programs suck the well dry. Obama plan is working perfectly.

    All joking aside, Israel can't take out irans means to create a bomb without our(USA) help.

  17. Turning off the page file is useless. Turn it down to some small size (like 512 MB or something) before turning it off - disabling it causes far more problems than the small space you get back from it is worth.

    Hmm what kind of problems?

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