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  1. I know that, but when I go into Windows Firewall, under excepetions the games are alredy listed there; besides I have'nt had any problems regarding my firewall blocking ( and in this case smashing my connection to the Internet) games in the past, only after this format.
  2. No, or at least I should'nt, I'm running AVG-Free with all background applications disabled.
  3. Hi again Well it turns out that, though I'm able to join games in the Battlefield 2142 demo, CS:Source still "cuts" my Internet, when attempting to join games:mad: What firewall do you theb suggest mate?
  4. UPDATE* Okay, so I tried turning my Windows Firewall of, in one last desperate attempt, and guess what; I am now able to join online games Have no idea why it blocked the games, because it havent done that in the past. Maybe I've adjusted some wrong settings ? I don't know? But what to do now? Im really nervous being online when my firewall is disabled! P.S I guess this subject dosent belong here anymore =/
  5. yea but how? Do I have to disable something in bios or enable it? Because NV lan has a red cross over it.
  6. Hi I don't really know if this is the appropriate forum, for my problem, but here it goes. I've recently formatted my system and everything is running smooth, except one thing: I am unable to connect to online games, hence my title ( in this case CoD2, CS:S and Battelfield 2142 Demo). I can browse the Internet with no problems. I CAN see the serverlist, but upon hitting "join", I loose my Internet connection, and thus unable to join. The only way to restore the connection is to reboot or wait like 5 minutes. In the past, I have'nt had any problem connecting to the given games, only after this format. My antivirus is AVG Free, with fully disabled background processes. My network is "powered" by the intergrated network (Marvell Yokun with latest drivers) on my motherboard, DFI LP NF4 SLI DR Expert. I suspect the intergrated network is the course of trouble, and that's the reason why I posted my problem here. Hope you guys can help me *Update* I've just installed Diablo 2 ( yea I know ) and I can play on the Internet with no problems, so maybe it has something to do with the above mentioned games? ( CoD2, CS:S and Battelfield 2142 Demo )
  7. Are you sure? I've just heard alot of people saying that RAID 0 really influences game stutter, in a good way..
  8. Hi Hmm, that's wierd; especially that it isnt mentioned in any of the guides I've read. Maybe it's so esoteric, that they "forgot" to mention it. So I loose like 70bg on RAID? it "forgets" the last disk? Hmm that was quite a puch to the stomach...Well does the added diskperformance add up for the loss?
  9. Hi:) I'm about to set up a RAID-0, with a WD Raptor 35gb and a WD Raptor 74GB. I followed the guide by Angrygames, and everything seemed to be going smooth: I made sure that everything was set to enabled in the BIOS, created a RAID array (stripping, 4k) with both of my HDD's ( that's healthy ). installed the NVRaid drivers from the disk and followed the instructions when Windows installation boots up (F6, press S....etc.) But when i get to the part where I've to choose which partition Windows is to be installed on, the RAID-array that i can choose, only contains [email protected]; but 70gb would mean that it's only ONE of my HDD's that is being "taken into account". I'm quite new to´the RAID-thing, so I've im pretty lost, right now...
  10. Hi again So I've been trying your advice: I've lowered multi to 11X and even 10X, and adjusted my ram thereafter; to run at 3000mhz. I've raised Vdimm to 2,8 and lowered ram my ram to th lowest divider. but the system still would'nt boot up, it keeps chrashing at the Windows loading screen. I have a feeling that it must have something to do with my DDR settings.
  11. Hi thanks for reply Lowering my Multi, means that I've gotta higher my RAM's mhz, to something like 275, and that's only if i use a Multi of 11X. But how far will RAM go, before taking damage? And would'nt I be "forced" to higher my Vdimm even more? Currently I'm already at 2.71V
  12. No suggestions at all? Seems wierd:confused:
  13. Hi and thanks for replying:) I have read all the suggested guides on this site, and more too. MsMolt Where do you see, that I need to lower the multiplier and in what ´way would it help? I mean if my CPU's wall is 2,8 Ghz?
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