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  1. I run this when benching and 250x10 when normal everyday use even though i could run the other all day and night (ran it for a month no probs i mean look at the temps) but now i run 1.375v @ 2500 My 250x11 settings FSB clock: 250mhz CPU multi: 11x HTT multi: 4x CPU volt: 1.584v (i think it was 1.5v with 107% extra) so something like 1.6 in bios LTD volt: 1.2v Chipest volt: 1.5v DRAM volt: 2.6v http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e197/e30...Mysys250x11.jpg
  2. e30Birdy

    BIOS's and the X2

    Well i have the Venus bios on mine, here is a screeny I just got this board froma friend and this is the bios he flashed on there!!!