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  1. I realise you are trying to help, but are you joking? Have you read this thread?
  2. Well I'm glad that some of you seem to have money to burn, I don't however. I was thinking, would a Class Action Law Suit be a viable option here? It sounds over the top but it was done against Apple regarding scratched screens, so I feel it might be here as this is a little more critical than a scratched screen. If someone who knows more about law can let me know what they think then I will be happy to get the ball rolling. I really can't hide my disgust in DFI right now. I don't care if it is a Nvidia/Uli problem, when my car breaks down Peugeot don't tell me that it's not their fault it's the injector manufacturer's fault. Peugeot deal with it. I expect the same from any manufacturer of anything, I don't care who or where the parts come from. How about we blame the quarry where they mined the metal? I'm not saying DFI are passing the buck, they just don't even seem to be holding it right now, they need to accept responsibility and treat their customers accordingly.
  3. The DFI camel is very weak, it has only taken one straw to break it's back for me, though the straw is a 220lb one. I'm sorry but I could never sell this board, it's faulty, I'm not going to pass on a faulty motherboard and expect someone to pay me for the privilege. I also don't want to buy another motherboard whilst I RMA this one, as RMA is not a route to success in this case and I could end up spending almost as much on postage as a new motherboard. I am still waiting and hoping (in vain it seems) that DFI will be able to fix this with a bios update, or if it is a hardware problem, own up to it, create a new revision board and offer THAT as an RMA so that we know we are getting a working replacement.
  4. I have been following other people's progress regarding RMAs, it seems that an RMA is by no means a guarantee that I will receive a working board, added to this the fact that my PC is essential, living without it for weeks with an RMA that may not yield any results for me, I have elected to wait to see what DFI would do. It seems they are doing a big fat nothing. I can't describe how dissappointed I am with this. I went from an Asus A8N Sli dlx that worked flawlessly to this board when I upgraded my Dad's PC, he has the Asus now so I can't use that anymore. I can't be bothered with tweaking or trying a decent overclock with this major fault being present. Are DFI even looking at this forum anymore?
  5. No Raptors here and I am getting the same freezing crap. I also have cold boot issues, and I have had to do a windows repair at a couple of points because of dlls going "missing" I have to say I will never buy DFI again. This is completely unacceptable for an enthusiast motherboard. DFI's efforts to solve the problem have been pathetic. I have had many different hardware configurations with many different problems in the past, the difference being if it was a highly critical problem like this one, it would be fixed very quickly by the manufacturer. DFI has lost a few sales over this issue too, I build PCs as a hobby for anyone who wants one (friends, family, their friends etc) I build on average 5 PCs a year. None will be getting a DFI board, simply because DFI's attitude over this issue has been terrible. I cannot in good conscience build a PC for someone not knowing if they are going to have problems even turning it on or if one day it will completely fail to boot and require windows repairs. Don't tell me the Sil controller is a viable option, we don't buy the most expensive s939 board available only to use out dated HDD controllers. I'll go ASRock for that. Pathetic DFI. Pathetic.
  6. That sounds like what happens when my vid card overheats, the thing is, it's not even hot. My card craps out at about 70deg c so I have to turn up the fan manually with RivaTuner. The Auto Fan control won't bother raising the fan speed that much at that temp. All of this occurs and is neccessary when I run the card overclocked, at stock speeds the temperature the card hits is about the same but the crash doesn't happen.
  7. What PCIe slot was the single card in when you had no errors? Did you have the power connector above the PCIe slot connected?
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