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  1. So far I got less BSoD's. Occasionally there's the same BSoD (0x0000007E), but far less then before. Still I'm going tot try to get a cheap PCI videocard to rule out de PSU. Does booting (cold boot) requires more from a PSU then running already in Windows?
  2. I know how the overclocking works, i'm not new in that business. First I found the max of the cpu, then the max of my mem. Tested thoroughly with Prime and memtest. And as I said before in this thread, when I changed back to stock settings the problems wouldn't go away. I know my mem is capable of 264MHz 3-4-4-8 and no MHz higher then that. Edit: I just updated the bios to 704-2bta. Now, let's see what this does.
  3. *bump* Last few days I have nonstop 0x0000007E BSoD's during startup. I'm about to flash de bios to a newer version. 0704-2bta is a good one? Even though it's a beta bios? I'm not familiar with flashing, I downloaded Tmods CD7.0. When I boot with this cd, everything will show it self? From this screen, I should select the first option? But I have no OCZ memory. Which one should I select? Btw, manga is my brother, obviously I posted under his account. Sorry for that.
  4. C&Q is always disabled. I just sent a mail to the shop where I bought the mainboard if they can test it for me. @ wevsspot: if the webshop says the mainboard is still working without issues, I'll try to flash it (I'm not familiar with flashing and don't wanna crap it up.
  5. Everything went ok: added 2.42Gb to archive, put it on a diffrent partition en extracted it there. No problems. Just five minutes ago when I wanted to start up MSN 7.5, Outlook Express was getting new mails, the system froze and only a hard reboot could get the system running again. So: hard disk, Memory, CPU are checked. Videcard doesn't show problems during games. PSU rails are ok, no problems when the system is @ load / stressed. One thing I can't check is the mainboard. Is there a possibility that this is causing the irregular problems?
  6. Temps are: CPU @ stress 42 degrees celsius Chipset @ stress 49 degrees X1800XT @ stress 70 degrees Hard disk @ stress 40 degrees No problems there I believe. As well, the problems could be there from a cold boot. Hard disk I've tested recently overnight with a Hitachi testing tool. No errors were found. At the moment I'm archiving 2.42GB of file and folders. See what that does. Drivers: I've tried al 6.xx Catalyst drivers.
  7. Boc42 is Boclean, a trojanhorse scanner. My system has no spyware, virus or what so ever. 100% sure, thanks to Nod and BOClean and I let it check every now and then by some guy who uses HjJackThis. Right now I'm working without the Cli.exe and Ati2mdxx .exe. BTW: My PSU is from the recommended list: "A" List for Non-SLI / Non-Expert PSU's: These are KNOWN to work well with DFI N4 mobos! Enermax 485W Noisetaker EG495AX-VE (W) / EG495P-VE http://www.enermax.com.tw/english/pr...etaker485W.htm Older 2.0 Version from $79: http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=...26709780011814
  8. In genereal, this is what is running in the background: I'll try to run Windows without some processes / programs. But before those were running as weel and never caused any problems. What does Ati2mdxx.exe and Cli.exe do?
  9. No, no issues at all in games. I play UT2K4, Half Life 2 Episode 1 (HDR+FSAA+AF), Prey, BF2 and I have no problems in games. Never had it. You mean starting without Boclean, Nod, Ati2mdxx and Cli? I always clean with some driver cleaner program when I install new drivers. I'll look coming week for some simple PCI videocard. Many thanks for your (and everybody else's) help so far!!
  10. At startup is Boclean.exe, Nod32.exe, Ati2mdxx.exe and cli.exe. Just had another BSOD during booting , 0x0000007E and there was no extra error code.
  11. Yes, dual Prime and 3D mark 2006 at the same time. No, I just finished Memtest. It ran for nearly 11 hours and had 23 passes, no errors. Yesterday I raised the startup vcore to 1.4V. Till now there are no problems with booting (hope it stays like that). But before it was as well sometimes like this: a few days without problems. In Windows the systems freezed yesterday though when I wanted to start Adobe Reader.
  12. All voltages (3.3V, 5V and 12V) stay pretty much around their values. Like these: 12.03V-12.1V for the 12V rail, 5.05V for the 5V rail and 3.26V for the 3.3V. Nice 3D Mark 2006 score, as usual. No problems. I think I'll run Memtest again overnight.
  13. I'm about to start both now. I'll let you know. Thanks!
  14. But I don't get a reboot during games or 3D Mark loops. Only during startup. And sometimes in Winmode the systeem freezes (when I start an application).
  15. This is what I've seen so far. Bad memory I can't imagine after being 10+ hours Memtest errorfree. Would flashing the bios make such a difference? And what bios would you recommend for my system?
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