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  1. something like Asus' MyLogo2 I'm sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I did several searches and couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  2. I got my 975X/G for under $200 at zipzoomfly.com Of course, I've since had to RMA it for another b/c of my Northbridge temps reaching 89 degrees C and unstable. Sent in last week and now waiting... Thank God for my laptop as a backup.
  3. Is 76 degrees Celsius normal for the Northbridge idle running at 200Mhz (not OC'ed)? If that was my CPU, I'd be really concerned.
  4. For some reason my system will not POST with my ARECA ARC-1230 SATA II RAID Controller installed. It is a PCI-Express 8x card I have installed in the 2nd PCI-Express 16x slot. The first (closest to CPU) 16x slot is occupied by a XFX Geforce 7950 Extreme graphics card. The system POSTs and works fine w/o the RAID controller installed. Is there a compatibility problem? If so, is it something you can fix with a BIOS patch? System Specs: DFI Infinity 975X/G mainboard - BIOS 6-21-06 Pentium D 930 (upgrading to E6700 soon) 2x 1024MB Corsair PC8500 XFX Geforce 7950 Extreme Edition Soundblaster X-Fi Music ARECA ARC-1230 PCI-Express SATA II RAID Controller w/ 256MB 5x Western Digital 740GD - will be RAID 5 (Master) ASUS 16x DVD-ROM (Slave) NEC 16x DVD / 48x CD Writer Windows XP Pro SP2 Thanks!
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