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  1. 1.55v is the max really for 24/7 with decent cooling. You need to be staying under 60c pref nearer 50c. Give 1.4v a try Whats the HTT set to just now?
  2. Plenty of reading required as already stated The 200MHz thing is ok as thats 400 after ddr applied but if running singl channel then ram is in wrong slots on the motherboard...move one stick to other coloured slot. Have fun
  3. Might just be me as still a learner myself but i thought fsb limit is more motherboard related than cpu. If ur cpu is good got 2650 at 241x11 then it should be good for 295x9 though board may need a bit more chipset and ldt voltage to run. As long as overall MHz is the same then cpu "should" be happy. Most board top out at around 250Mhz.....but most lapartys are 300+ from what i have seen. Your lucky though having a multy to play with dam optys!!! Miss the old mobile bartons that were multy unlocked up and down. Wish there was a pin mod to change the multy like on the socket A ones. Still....cant complain with present overclcock. Was a better option than an opty 185 as they go for 3x ($300) :eek2:what the opty 165 go for over here in uk.
  4. 7x is a bit on the low side is it not? (=1750Mhz) Try 9x and then you will be up nearer the 300MHz fsb. Board will be capable of it for sure
  5. Have you tried dropping the multy down to 9x and seeing how it performs then? Some cpus prefer lower multy and high fsb. Your board should be capable of 300+. Worth a try
  6. memtest is here http://www.memtest86.com/ for free. Sorry but not sure about the sata question my only sata drives used for storage only.
  7. Your ram has same spd as mine so it may cause problems if your not running it at 3-5-5-10. Ignore the 2.5v thing in cpu-z as it needs 2.8v from my experience. If your running the ram at over 250Mhz you may need to either slacken the timings further or up the voltage for it. Not had much luck with mine at over 250Mhz so far Got the same case myself The top exhaust doesnt do a lot if its just the fan that came with it. Even if you upgrade it airflow is still restricted due to the plastic fitting for usb ports. I to a pair of snips to my case and removed the grill for the 120mm at the rear to give much better airflow out of case. Plus did the same at top of rear but just got a wee 80mm there to ke.ep the hard drives cool. Do you not have any exhaust fans at rear at all? If not then that will restrict airflow thru case for sure. Cold air wil be going in but not able to escape quick enough If you do remove rear grill just dont do it with mb in the case....bits of metal and mb doesnt mix very well. Easy to cut though with a pair of snips but will depend wether u have the steel or aluminum version? Plenty of room inside your case to get a 120mm blowing over the mb and ram....may look messy but gets the job done
  8. The sinked mosfet are near the ide channels on motherboard....well at least they are on the ultra d. Metal heatsinks on them. Get a fan blowing over them and mb temp should plummet. 1267Mhz is a bit high as it should be kept to around the 1000 mark but as you said the x4 setting doesnt seem to work which is strange Is it more stable now? What does cpu-z say the spd timings are for your ram? Got similar stuff myself but spd is 3-5-5-10 at 250MHz but if i rem correctly the mb set them too tight on the auto settings and i had problems. Not really a specific votlage to lower to drop mb temps its just your system running hot. What fans do you have for intake and exhaust?
  9. What does cpu-z say your ht link is running at? Best thing to get mb temps down is a fan blowing over the sinked mosfets and good airflow through the case.
  10. The ldt/fsb ratio is set at only x1....should be x4 to give near 1000 MHz that could cause a few problems (auto is 5x200) Also voltage for ram is only set to 2.7v and may need 2.8v even at "only" 238MHz and relaxed timings. The high voltages on the chipset and LDT might not be needed either. Only really needed that high when running a lower multy and 300+ fsb. What are you chipset and mb temps like? No idea about the finer memory settings....still trying to learn about all them myself
  11. I am no expert in the finer ram settings but isn't 3.4v a bit over the top for the ram running at only 166mhz? just my 2 cents
  12. There are plenty of PC4000 (250MHZ) and even PC4400(275MHz) ddr1 kits that would work with you mb BUT they aint as cheap as new ddr2 ram. Present set of g.skill pc4000 runs fine
  13. You could give the 9x multy a bash? Ultra d should be good for 300+fsb easy. Remember to change the dividers tho or ram will be running a tad fast vcore always reads a notch or two lower in windows compared to bios so dont worry about that.
  14. You may have chipped the chipset when changing the cooler? Read thats its easy to do and must admit i was bricking it whilst i was changing mine.
  15. Yep mine says that too in cpu-z. Doesnt really matter what opty you have its more important to get a good stepping....and of course luck still comes into it Mines a CCBBE 0610DPMW Previous owner had it at 3g+ under water but i just cant get it 100% stable above 329x9 for some reason. What voltage are you running the ram at? Just realised that mines actually at 2.8v even though cpu-z says 2.5v is only needed. edit: oops 2.64v just saw in ur sig
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