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    DFI NF4 BIOS Memory Guide

    Very well put together dude , your efforts are much appreciated , got me Corsair rockin , many thanks John :nod:
  2. Thanks for the input ExRoadie I took the card to my locl Comp.shop OCUK , the bad news was that the first couple of batches of cards XFX screwed up the OC that much the bios has all sorts of faults , they have since stoped trading with XFX , nuff said , still tryin for another RMA keep you posted John
  3. Well getting realy stressed now , Flashed the bios to v 406 and reinstalled windows new drivers for board and card , Still the same probs. Gets to the same point in 3D01 and freezed the comp up then reboots its-self , In COD 2 plays for 15 min and starts to break down , with horizontal and diaginal lines , when game shuts down dead pixels on the desktop , begining to think this second card is faulty as well , poor that if its so . Thinking of haveing it independently tested buy O.K.UK. to save my sanity . Johnny
  4. Hi Blaise , funny you should mention the SLI , when I first got the 7900 , My 6800`s were on water cooling so uncoupled and put on air again , so as to try the 7900 ,uninstalled drivers from device mannager fit card (after powering down of course ), and installed driver for the single 7900 , tried the card found faults in 3D01 and COD2 ,uninstalled driver , removed card , put 6800 in and driver , ok, put second in it asked for driver for card , installed again , now here is where things get funny , Temp on second card shows through the roof and it shuts the card down to save damage , swap the cards and same , the actual temp of each card on air in primary slot , Idle is 51c/53c individually fine ,so some glich somewhere , I have already DL the bios and got it on floppy ready , busy till Friday , will attack then . Many thanks for the input , l8er guys Johnny -ps. notice you got same ram as me dude Awesome stuff the 3500
  5. Hi Sharp Just thought I would try clearing Cmos , and run benchmark again , did so everthing at stock , Still same prob gets to point sprites in 3D01 and freezes , / crashes to desktop , Oh well worth a try lol , Nuke it is then dude L8er Johnny
  6. Hi Sharp The temp on the card idle is 40c I am backing up as we speak , I will put everthing to stock , and try that , DL all latest drivers and nuke it later this week , format hard drive ,(this has been suggested already by a pal of mine ), bios update , clean installation , and go from there , Cheers dude Johnny
  7. Hi guys I Have been running 6800 Ultras in SLI in my rig with no probs , 1 month ago dropped on a new 7900 XFX PCI card , fitted and boots fine with 91.93 driver , Try to run 3D01 or 3D03 and it freezes at the point sprites part of the benchmark ,then crashes to desktop. I have read the thread on the EVGA cards and tried the same approach ie putting the PCI bus up in increments of 5 thats taking it from 100 default to 140 but with no effect , XFX have had 1 card back on RMA in the end , Put new card in and it`s still the same ,I have never updated the bios , and not read of any updates to fix faults of any kind with the card , would an update solve my problem ?. Any help to get this card running on all cylinders will be very welcome guys .. johnny