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  1. CPU: 2 ghz Northbridge: 800 mhz Ram: 500 mhz = Crash Cpu: 1.6 ghz Northbridge 1000 mhz Ram: 500 mhz = No crash
  2. OK... I guess I was wrong. Northbridge at 800 mhz, ram 500 mhz, and CPU at 2000 mhz caused crashes, while Northbridge at 1000 and CPU at 1600 causes no crashes.
  3. bcbooter: I have all the settings set to this http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....971&postcount=3 Those are the settings that OCZ recomends for Lanparty boards. (I have my drive strength on 8 btw) Also, I have been playing without the optical drive and it didn't seem to help. With my old power supply it did though. ExRoadie: This isn't nearly everything I tried... but it is all the main stuff that I could think of off the top of my head. I've tried buying a new power supply. I've tried buying a cooler for my video card, even though the temps on it were well below the danger level. I've tried both Omega and ATI drivers, 6.6 6.5 and 6.3. I've tried uninstalling and installing these drivers, over and over again, cleaning it out completely with Drive Cleaner Pro each time. I updated and reinstalled my chipset driver. I updated my bios. I've tried under clocking my video card with ATI Tray. I've tried underclocking my video card with ATI Tool. I've tried rebuilding my computer several times, as well as reseating the processor. (Yes, I used AS5) I tried raising my ram timings, and lowering my ram frequency. I tried running my system at stock and over clock (both are stable in P95, Superpi, OCCT, and Memtest) I tried putting my ram in the yellow slots, as well as the orange slots. I tried with one stick of ram and with two. I tried moving my video card to the second pci-e slot. I tried clearing my CMOS several times. And the last thing I tried is simultaneously underclocking my CPU from 2.0 ghz to 1.6, my ram from 500 mhz to 333, and my northbridge from 1000 mhz to 800. This is the only thing that has allowed me to run games for more than a couple of hours with no crashes, but I'm not sure if it's completely stable. I have a feeling it may be the northbridge.. so right now that is the only thing I have underclocked. I'm gonna play some games and see if it crashes.
  4. Ok... if nobody can help me, then can somebody point me in the right direction to arrange for an RMA? I've tried everything I could think of, everything that's been suggested in this forum, and everything that I researched. My video card works in my other board, and my system is stable in P95, SuperPi, OCCT and Memtest.
  5. I tried Omega 6.5 and ATI 6.6. I got my new power supply today and put it in but my system STILL can't do 3d. I am completely lost. I thought for sure it was the PSU because my computer ran almost flawlessly after unplugging my optical and a couple fans. I think I have tried just about everything... I don't know what else to try. Prime 95 works now though so I'll let that run while I sleep.
  6. When I plug / unplug my cd drive then my computer gets a lot less / more stable. Does this mean it's definitely my power supply causing problems?
  7. I've let it run for an hour while stuck at test one before stopping it. I just tried SP2004 and the samet hing happens. Also something very strange is when I'm trying to run Prime 95 my CPU temp doesn't go above 32-33, and on OCCT it doesn't go above 38. In my old mobo my load temp was in the high 40's. I don't have access to any other RAM right now, but this RAM gave me no problems after 3 months in my old board, so I don't see why it would be causing problems now.
  8. When I first downloaded I only ran it for about 30 minutes, then the next day when I was going to run it for 8 hours I couldn't get the torture test to work right... see my post a few posts back.
  9. I tried with my memory on a 1:2 divider and it still wouldn't work
  10. I think I might have matched it to the wrong temp because now it shows up as 3.31. Prime 95 isn't coming up with any errors, it just stays at test one and uses up all my processing power and memory but it never progresses to test 2. It still fully responds to everything I do so it's not crashing or anything. It just gets stuck... SuperPi, Memtest, and OCCT all run fine so I don't know what to think. Edit: And yes, all my temps are fine, including my GPU
  11. OK new problem, I can start a torture test in Prime95 but it never goes past Test one. The icon stays pink and it keeps using my system resources, and nothing locks up. I also discovered that I can play older games or crank down my graphics on newer games and my computer will play for a lot longer without having problems. Edit: Forgot to mention that Memtest just made 10 full passes without any errors.
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