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  1. ok.....i'm running everything at stock speeds, and i recently reformatted my computer. I was getting random restarts and lockups during games before i reformatted, and i'm getting them again what could the problem be? i have all the latest drivers for everything...i'm stumped
  2. 1 gig...but I am not using the ULI controller. I couldn't get it to work, so I said screw it and I am just using my 2 HDD's without a controller.
  3. Whenever I am playing a game, my computer will randomly restart and lock up. This never happens on a consistent basis. I could be playing for hour upon hours and nothing happens, but sometimes I will be playing for 5 min and it will freeze. This never happens when I am not playing a game. I am pretty sure I have the newest BIOS version (I have some old beta version I downloaded in August or September- I will try the newest version in the DFI download section). I am thinking it may be my gfx cards- since it happens during gameplay. I already saw one topic with no answers, but his problem was a bit different than mine. I will try to update to the new bios version first, but any help or insight would be appreciated.
  4. Everything is at default. My GPU does run a little hot- like ~54C idle. I will try the fan thing. I happen to have a spare 80mm fan around.
  5. I don't know:confused: I did it when I first built it...in july
  6. Memtest was stable as was 3DMark...those were the only ones I tried on stock settings
  7. :sad: I already RMA'ed this board once, and I don't really want to do it again. I have updated the BIOS to the beta version...I did that like 3 weeks ago. I am also 99% sure all my drivers are up to date
  8. Whenever I am playing a game (FEAR, CS:S, DOD:S), my computer will either freeze or restart. It restarts and locks up at completely random times. There is never a constant. It has frozen 5 min into a game, and 5 hours into a game....I never know when it will do it, but I know it always does. I am pretty sure I have all the latest drivers for my hardware...My CPU temp is fine, my NB temp is ~55C, but I heard somewhere that 55C is an acceptable temp. My GPU temp gets up to 70C or so depending on how long I go for. I honestly have no idea what in the world can be going wrong, so any help would be appreciated. I am running everything at stock temps right now. I did have my cpu at 2.4 when everything started crashing, so I set everything back to stock. EDIT: thread title is supposed to have a "p" in there:rolleyes:
  9. Ok, now I have had windows installed and running several times. But, every time I restart (because of drivers and such), it says there is a Disc Boot error, and I need to insert the system disc (And re-install windows). I have reinstalled windows several times. It has been on both of my hard drives, and I get the same error. EDIT: I also have the boot device priority set to HDD only, and the other 2 are disabled. Every time I restart, it says "Boot From CD: DISC BOOT ERROR, INSERT SYSTEM DISC AND HIT ENTER" This is when I have the boot from CD option disabled. This is driving me crazy
  10. What stripe size did you choose with those drives?
  11. I tried every combonation there is, and it only works when both are in slots 1 and 2...I need to finish with windows before I update the BIOS
  12. Alright, thanks for your help. I am installing windows now, but my RAM still isn't in a dual channel setup, so if you have any idea what to do, that would be great.
  13. The version that came with the mobo. I have to wait for the drive to wipe so I can check... EDIT: Is there any way I can update the BIOS from a CD? I don't have a blank floppy lying around anywhere
  14. Alright, I got it to boot from a CD. I am wiping my drive now with the WD write to zero's tool, cause I want a fresh install so I don't have to go through any more troubles. I still can't boot with the RAM in dual channel
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