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  1. Core Temp's shared memory goes official. Everyone is welcome to read up on specs. DLLs and demo projects showing how to use them are available for download here.
  2. Check this thread in the XS news section for more info on the new features and a nice little gadget for Vista users.
  3. Beta Version 0.99 - 2nd May, 2008 - Fix: Incorrect recognition of 45nm Mobile Intel CPUs. - Fix: CPU temperature not displayed in Core Temp window on Phenom CPUs (0.98 and 0.98.1). - Add: Shared memory - developers now have access to Core Temp data. - Add: Register dump to text file function. - Add: Preliminary Atom (Silverthorne) support - Untested.
  4. Here's an update on the next Core Temp release, it may interest some of you: http://www.alcpu.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=405
  5. Version 0.98 - 23rd April, 2008 - Fix: Core Temp sometimes crashes when another program tries to access the log file. - Still needs further testing. - Add: Show load percentage per core. - Add: Adjustable Tj.Max value via *.INI file. - Add: Option to start Core Temp with Windows. - Add: Support new Intel Mobile processors - Change: Maximum logging interval is now 99999ms instead of 9999ms. - Change: Log file layout. Shows current temperature, highlow temperature, core load, CPU speed.
  6. Version 0.97.1 - 7th March, 2008 - Fix: Phenom did not display proper temperature. - Fix: Phenom randomly reports 255C (value ignored). - Fix: Phenom displays more than a single system tray icon per CPU. - Fix: Phenom 1/4 multipliers rounded improperly. - Change: C° and F° now will display °C and °F accordingly.
  7. Version 0.97 - 5th March, 2008 - Add: Vista x64 support - All drivers are now digitally signed! - Add: Logitech G15 keyboard support - see ReadMe!.txt for details. - Add: Support 45nm LGA775 Xeon series. - Fix: Opaque background in system tray wasn't 16x16 pixels. - Fix: Yonah based CPUs incorrectly detected. - Fix: 1333FSB Dual Core Conroe based Xeon incorrectly detected. - Fix: Dreaded cycle of "Driver can't load" messages if driver failed to load. - Fix: Socket AM2 Athlon-FX was not recognized. - Change: Core Temp layout on a Phenom.
  8. Version 0.96.1 - 15th January, 2008 - Add: Support for *Phenom and "Barcelona" Opteron. - Add: Support all K8 processors. - Add: Support Intel Celeron M 500 series. - Fix: Wrong CPU speed on Intel ES chips. - Fix: Fix M0 Tjunction max detection. - Fix: Intel QX6850 CPU's rating shown as QX6650. - Fix: Intel E6550 CPU's rating shown as E6650. - Fix: Intel Celeron M 400 series detected incorrectly. - Fix: AMD Opteron for Socket AM2 reported as Santa Rosa instead of Santa Ana. *Please read this.
  9. Version 0.96 - 31st December, 2007 - Add: System tray icons configuration. - Add: Support for Intel's latest CPUs. - Add: ClearType font support. - Add: TimeDate column to the log file. - Add: Always on top option. - Fix: Core Temp does not proprerly display temperature and CPU select fields. - Fix: Log file layout. - Fix: HideShow does not properly MinimizeRestore window. - Fix: Core code names aren't properly detected. (Intel) - Fix: IncorrectMissing CPU rating when not using stockmaximum multiplier. (Intel) - Fix: Wrong CPU clock is reported when using EISTnon-maximum multiplier. (Intel) - Fix: Wrong detection of Merom based CPUs. - Fix: Single core Athlon 64s and Semprons reading -49C constantly. (Rare) - Fix: C2D M0 rev. report very low temperatures. (Tjmax to 100C) - Fix: Layout and display of tool tip text in the system tray. (Now shows a core per line) - Change: Log the start and end of a session even if logging is disabled. - Change: Settings and Systray settings windows appear in center of main window. - Change: Rename "Tjunction" field to "Tj. Max" to make things clearer. Happy new year to everyone
  10. Version 0.95.4 - 22nd August, 2007 - Fix: Core Temp causes restarts/BSODs on start. - Fix: Core Temp causes hard shutdowns on some AMD systems. - Fix: System tray icons are black squares on less than 32bit desktops. - Fix: Some other minor bugs fixed. - Add: Support new Intel CPUs.
  11. If anyone is having problems with Core Temp crashing on them, please look at the appropriate thread and post there your problem and system spec. I think this way it will be very effective at getting to the bugs faster. Intel Thread AMD Thread
  12. Version 0.95 - 17th March, 2007 - Fix: Revision F Turion/Turion X2 detected wrong. - Fix: Core Temp fully loads one core on a dual core AMD CPU. - Fix: Core Temp crashes on Dual Core Opteron 200 series systems. - Fix: Core Temp misdetected certain Dual Core Opteron CPUs. - Fix: Must set Core Temp to run as Administrator in Vista. - Fix: Can't see Core Temp GUI if Core Temp was last closed minimized. - Fix: C2D L2 rev. report very low temperatures. (Tjmax to 100C) - Fix: Core Temp reported wrong temps after a while. (Driver conflict) - Fix: Core Temp reported Max VID on Intel CPUs. (Now shows current) - Add: Show temperature in System tray. - Add: Manual refresh option by pressing F5 or "File" Menu. - Add: Show "Delta to Tjunction" temperature for Core 2 CPUs. - Add: Support for latest Intel and AMD CPUs. - Add: Minimize/Restore option in system tray icon right click. - Add: Save last window position. - Add: Prevent 2 instances of Core Temp from launching. - Change: Rewritten Intel CPU recognition code. - Change: Core 2 Duo codename change to Conroe-2M from Allendale. - Change: Pop up bubble-window with temperatures removed. - Change: Not Beta status anymore.
  13. Version 0.94 - 16th November, 2006 - Fix: Temperature log file not created in EXE folder. - Fix: Temperature log file left "Processor" field blank. - Add: An actual icon for the EXE/System tray. - Add: An option to display temperature in Fahrenheit. - Add: An option to start Core Temp minimized. - Change: Only list physical processors in CPU selection. - Change: Improve Intel CPU detection. - Remove: GCPUID button. Older versions
  14. Heh, that's kind of funny. Well, happy they came to their senses. Not just us the little guys make mistakes.
  15. In the program's "Change log" I say that I've removed the reporting of TCM/TDP of 49C/35W. The reason for this is that a 49C TCM is represented by a value of 0 in the register. This value is supposed to be ignored if you go by the book and new AMD K8 BIOS Guide:
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