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  1. *bump* Still no satisfiing reply. Shall I enable dual x8 mode and move the graphicscard to the 2nd slot?
  2. Well, i read through that post. There is written, that there is only a very small difference between x16 and x8 on PCI-e. Is this also true for newer graphics cards? What do you think, shall I place my graphics card to the other lane where it does not block the fan anymore?
  3. Well, finally I solved my initial problems by changing the graphics card and my system runs quiet stable now. But now I have a question about the temps of the NF4 chipset: How high shall they be? What are good temps for idle/gaming? ATM my graphics card covers the chipset fan partly. Shall / Can I change this? Is the second PCI-E lane 16x capable? My temps are: idle: 49 ° (about 4200 RPM) // gaming 56 ° (about 5800 RPM max speed) I use Smartguardian to adjust the fan speeds automatically.
  4. I undecrlocked my card. -200 Mhz on both ram and gpu, I recieved less errors during this test, nearly none error. But afterwards my screen was messed up again. Do I have to send back the card with all bonus for an RMA or just the card itself?
  5. Well, thank you for your answers. It is not the temperature, it stays at 52 degrees max on my graphics card. Also I ran the test at first this time. I'll try to underclock the card and check if this helps.
  6. The Screenshot can be found here: Screenshot Follow forum rules for size or you will receive a vacation.
  7. Well, after I managed to get rid of those stutters by moving my ram to the orange banks, I have a (perhaps new) error. 3D Mark 2005 runs just fine, but while I run 3D Mark 2006, it seems as if my perfarmance would decrease a lot during the last test. At first, it seems that some images are repeated somehow. Like the following sequence: 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 7 8 9 10 9 8 11 12 etc Than suddenly serious graphic errors come: Sometimes the imagecolors are inverted (white => black)and everything flickers, there are colorfull squared dots (about 5 - 10 pixels each), some poligons appear that should not be there etc. Than my monitor turns off and on for a few seconds. If my PC doesn't crash during this phase, the graphic errors stay! Even after the test is finished, my windows desktop is completely screwed. Those squared dots stay and when ever I click somewhere, my computer turns off the monitor, refreshes the screen, and turns on my monitor again. I tried several drivers without no success. ATM I stepped back to the latest 84 driver. That increased my performance a lot but those graphic bugs stayed. Before I swithed the ram to the other banks, I had those errors too during nearly all 3D games, including quake 4, NFS:MW, etc. Does someone have a suggestion? The temps of my graphics card are allright, about 52 degrees max.
  8. I think thats it. No further lags till now. And even FarCry runs well ^^
  9. Ok, I think I found a solution. I am not quiet sure yet, but playing a few games without lags since this change is at least a silverline at the horizon: I changed my Ram from the yellow slots to the orange slots. Since I did that, I didnt have any of those lags or errors. Perhaps you could post to on which banks your Ram is in?
  10. My ressources: DMA 04 Exklusiv DMA-Controller IRQ 00 Exklusiv Systemzeitgeber IRQ 01 Exklusiv Standardtastatur (101/102 Tasten) oder Microsoft Natural Keyboard (PS/2) IRQ 03 Gemeinsam genutzt NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management IRQ 08 Exklusiv System CMOS/Echtzeituhr IRQ 09 Gemeinsam genutzt SCSI/RAID-Hostcontroller IRQ 09 Gemeinsam genutzt Microsoft ACPI-konformes System IRQ 13 Exklusiv Numerischer Coprozessor IRQ 14 Exklusiv Primärer IDE-Kanal IRQ 18 Gemeinsam genutzt NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX IRQ 19 Gemeinsam genutzt Creative SB X-Fi IRQ 20 Gemeinsam genutzt Standard erweiterter PCI-zu-USB universeller Hostcontroller IRQ 21 Gemeinsam genutzt NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA Controller IRQ 22 Gemeinsam genutzt NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio Codec Interface IRQ 22 Gemeinsam genutzt NVIDIA nForce4 Serial ATA Controller IRQ 23 Gemeinsam genutzt NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator IRQ 23 Gemeinsam genutzt Standard OpenHCD USB-Hostcontroller It doesnt change anything if I disable the NVIDIA onboard sound. I tried downclocking my Graphics Card. I recieved a crash from NFS:MW with 600//700 but no BSOD, only the game crashed. Now I tried FEAR with those settings. I recieved one of those lags again. How slow shall I downclock the graphics RAM ?
  11. I tried a test: I ran orthos on both cores + 3dmark. I got a BSOD about the NV4DISP.DLL or sth like that. I'll try downclocking the graphics card via coolbits now. If that solves the problem, I'll rma the card. About the Sounddrivers: The X-Fi Elite Pro never had the problems with nf4 chipsets, only the models with 2mb of ram had those. I am running the latest drivers of that card, tired the original drivers too. I tried different NVidia Graphic Drivers too, they didn't help me yet.
  12. I just ran a test for 2 hours: prime95 on one core, on the other one 3dmark06 high details demo loop. I did not get any error, not in 3dmark and not in prime95.
  13. So it is perhaps time to open a call at dfi, if so many ppl have the same problem.
  14. Again fear. Fear Crashed => I see my desktop again. On every click my screen refreshes slowly, my monitor seems to lose the video signal for a short moment. Something is terribly wrong. If noone has an Idea, I think I'll have to RMA my graphics card. Shame on you ASUS / NVidia
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