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  1. I'm doing extensive research on different boards to buy. I was originally going to go with the DFI ut4 expert but I am seeing the lanparty with the ati 3200 chipset and also some other boards - asus and abit. Which is the best board to buy? I want the very best. I guess it could still be the lp ut4 ultra expert? Whats the best. Thx
  2. Thank you, your all very helpful. From what I understand, I don't need the sil 3114 controller - the nv is faster right? That leaves out sli-dr. I do like to tweak and am very picky BUT - maybe it doesn't make that big of a difference between sli-dr expert and sli... Is there performance differences? I have a thermaltake 480w purepower psu but I have a deep gut feeling I'll have to toss that psu... it's sad that once upon a time it was almost all you would ever need. How will the mushkin bh6's do? Thank you again...
  3. I'm about to purchase a lp nf4 board but am a bit curios as to all the differences between the different flavors. What is the difference between: 1. Lanparty nF4 Sli-D 2. Lanparty nF4 Sli-DR 3. Lanparty nF4 Sli-DR Expert Is there a thread that already list's the differences? Which board is most recommended? Detailed explanations would be greatly appreciated.
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