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  1. Hi ill im looking for some tools to help me test and set my clocks on a Intel chip (duo) just made the jump over to intel and im missing my tools like a64info so was hoping someone to point me to something like that for the intel chips cheers
  2. OH damn thought it might have just been the evaporator that had to stay at - temps ATM iv got my 3700+ @ +6 with 1.78vcore so i can limit the cold bug running the cpu at 100% when not in use lol guess i should stop really
  3. Thanks for the reply i have changed things a little bit more on my order parts list i have now ordered a xfx 680i sli mobo and a E6850 cpu would this be a little better for my little vapochill to cool. Is there anything wrong with going above the +1 with these coolers and i see your in the uk where do you get your mach2 tuned im down south cheers
  4. Cheers for reply Thinking of changing things a little the motherboard to a xfx 680i sli
  5. Hi all Hoping for a little help im going to make a new rig after my AMD cold bug killed my VapoChill fun and just wanted to know if anyone knew if Intel have any of the same probs and if you guys could have a look over what i'v got in mind and give me your thoughts Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 (1066FSB) EVGA nForce 680i SLi OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-9200 1150MHz Passive/WaterCooled Other parts will be bits i already have from my AMD rig (ocz 8800GTX, ocz 850w psu, 2x Seagate 320gb sata ) I know its not a DFI board but i cant seem to find one and this one got what i thought was a good review on guru3d.net. This would be my very first Intel rig (always been an amd man) and really want to use my VapoChill What do you guys think Cheers
  6. Just found on asetek's site an idea about where the temps could be for a better overclock to miss the cold bug from what iv read so far it might be a fine tuning thing
  7. Humm over a year on has anyone found a way round this im having the same prob with my vapochill and 4400+
  8. Back to life thread Wish i had remembered about starting this one. I now have a vapochill and a 4400+ and what a shock it doesnt like 3G lol think its a cold bug as it will hit 3.2 but its very hit and miss and the blue screen of death is becoming a good friend lol
  9. Hi all Does anyone know where i can buy a 939 socket kit from in the uk i'v searched all the ones i know of even got as far as order one from scan.co.uk but its now come up as out of stock Most of the sellers on asetek's site are very out of date and if they do sell anything its just the vapochill unit its self. Its the heaters and paste i really need the shell iv got is a 939 but it didnt come with anything else to install it many thanks Cal
  10. Yeah already tried another one and checked the volts on both to make sure its all good dont know what else to do another thing has started now when i can get it to load into windows some of the onboard things might not work like firewire or some of the usbs :S
  11. i have found that switching off and back on works it might take a lot of tries but it works in the end. its a pain but its the only thing iv found that works and it will have to do for now I'm going to update my whole rig soon and go back to asus boards they might not have as many settings but for as long as iv used them i have never had probs like this. I'm on my second dfi SLI-DR and it gone the same way as the last
  12. Nope its a hit and miss thing sometimes it will post others it wont
  13. oh didn't notice it wasn't there. well after lots of screaming at the thing last night i had a break and kicked the cat feeling better i came back to it and got somewhere i kept doing quick CMOS clears that let me boot to a point sometimes i wouldn't get anything others i would get half a post screen and lock up on the ide search but i kept on doing it and flicking the psu power on a off note all CMOS clears were done with the battery in place. once i got a full post it would show the checksum error so with all drive but the CD drive unplugged i hit f1 and loaded the tmods disk changed bios and restarted done the CMOS thing again to get it to post and went in bios and reset configuration data and restarted now after this it posted first time on its own but after setting the bios with raid no post so i did everything again and updated the bios to latest and reset everything again and booom it worked loaded in to windows 3 times on the trot at this point it was 3am and i had work at 7am so off to bed. i have just come home and am about to turn it back on fingers crossed
  14. Update Well i have got a second board from ebay and im now having the same probs but this time iv been a little luckyer iv been able to update the bios im just doing a cmos clear now fingers crossed
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