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  1. Yeah no clamps just thermal tape or some adhesive TIM maybe. With the tight timings its weird but for everyday stuff like browsing and such, it flies through the pages and load times are super quick in certain apps (not games mind you). I have gone over to the darkside, got me a Q6600 for $199 at Micron Center. Going to pair it with a Gygabyte X48 board as soon as they are released. I still am strictly ATI with my GPU's (the new x38/x48 has pci/e 2.0 and dual x16 expansion) and I can't wait for the fully pci/e 2.0 compliant HD3870 X2 and CrossfireX on the new setup (getting the new gpus is going to be abit, my 2900Xt will do fine for now). I am looking forward to playing with new tech but I love my 939 rigs. I think AMD gave up on it to soon. They could have focused fabbing for 939 and developed AM2/AM2+, and phenom with more focus I feel they could have could competed better IMHO. Quad FX and s940 were busts. Plus I think buying ATI was kinda dumb this early in the game. They have what 3 to 5 fabs to Intels 10+? Good luck in your overclocking will check in periodically.
  2. I have had 5 dual 939 Opterons (2-165s, 3-170s) and from my personal experience some run hot and others run cool. Two of the 170s ran at 11+ different ranges between cores and from others in the past I have talked with this was not that rare. Only one I had did 3ghz and at low vcore 1.375v with an idle of 29c on one core 38c on the other but I could never get it stable past 2950mhz. The one core would just go to high under load 63c+. Eventually i put it on water "naked" and even then that one high core just wouldn't stabilize past 3ghz. In an Antec 900 one of 170s with as5 just would not cool down past 36c idle 58c load w/ a lapped Arctic Freezer pro. The 3 Optys I still have 2-170s and one 165 (all CCBBE steppings) are 2.8+ clockers, low vcore chips, and have even core temps; but only one of the 170s will idle below 30c. Both of the others would be what I call hot running chips. I am moving on as I pass my fastest 939 rig to my daughter (my A8R32mvp). I will be going with an Intel Quad rig on a DFI X38 board. I like where AMD is going with the Phenom but I want an error free rig even if its only with running virtualization. I love my power hungry HD2900xt, but once the new 3870x2's become fully pci/e 2.0 compliant I am going to CF a couple of them on it. Going to put some 3850's in it eventually for her. @chubbfatazn those ballistix finally gave out recently and I got z503.16TF4Y CL1118G.3Z. These are recent from Crucial rma and at ddr400 speeds I can run them at 2,2,2,5. They hit 287 at 2.9v 1t 3,4,4,8. The heatspreaders are a little different too, they don't go across the top all the way like my old ones. Can't find anyone else who has this revision. Haven't been around here in awhile hope your doing well.
  3. Well sorta ressurecting an old thread, since I rarely come hear anymore. Still Have my DFI rs482 Infinity running fine with Vista and XP in a dual boot setup. My pride and joy is my Asus which has been stable for along time also in dual boot. It keeps killing my Crucial Ballistix DDR500, on my second RMA now, paired it with 2x512mb DDR500 Also crucial for a total of 3gb for future proofing. It runs quick while it worked even at 2t (a few months till one of the replacement modules died). Also upgraded my gpu to a ATI HD2900 XT 512mb version. Wish I had waited till the 1gb DDR4 models were released but I wanted one ASAP and it performs great, will eventually crossfire them (nice new internal setup like the X1950 pro's). Their is one issue I encountered and still trying to resolve. I can't get the X1900GT's driver files completely removed, system won't recognize my 2900 card as DX10, after buying and consulting with DriverCleaner PE makers I know I am going to have to do a Vista reinstall and since I plan on going raid soon I am waiting till I have all the upgrade parts on hand before doing a format and reinstall in a Raid 0 setup. Also adding a 500gb drive for backup. All my DX9 games work fine and since I don't have any DX10 games I can wait. Vista still has issues (32bit) but I almost never use XP anymore. For firewall and other Internet security i use Zonealarm Internet Security suite as a one stop solution. I disabled UAC and some other Windows services and Vista is very zippy even with eyecandy on. Any questions I can answer related to either rig I will be happy to provide any info if I have it.
  4. I used Knoppix on that board booting from an ISO CDrom, it fully supports the hardware, never tried booting from a memory stick or any other USB device with a Linux distro. Wouldn't boot with a USB flash drive when I was trying to flash my vidcard with a USB stick so maybe its the board's issue, been awhile since I tooled around with that board. I see why your trying to boot from the memory stick I guess Knoppix won't help. Are you booting from the boards USB slots or one from a plugin cable on the case? I don't really know a solution for your problem but maybe a Linux forum might have an answer. I know alot of people used the board for HTPC setups so maybe there is an answer from dedicated Linux users.
  5. I bought one at release and it works fine, even with early drivers. I am using a 21" Sceptre LCD at 1680/1050 res and it runs all my DX9 games at max settings just fine although I don't have FEAR or Quake 4 so I don't know how well it can push some of the newest games. It does great with Doom 3 and Oblivion; just go to techpowerup http://www.techpowerup.com/reviewdb/Video%...s/ATI/HD%202900 not all the reviews are totally negative. Plus the bundle with my Sapphire version was good. It had Valves Blackbox with 3 free games via Steam: HalfLife ep2, Team Fortress and Portal, haven't used it yet, and Cyberlink PowerDVD (already have it though). Plus I got it from Newegg and got a Logitec G5 mouse combo deal for $419. If you take into account the bundle and mouse it really wasn't priced to bad. It has internal crossfire so the dongle is gone. Overall I am happy with the purchase, but it does use a different architecture than Nvidia so we will have to wait for DX10 games to see if its a total flop. I wished it used DDR4 but at least the it has a 512mb memory interface.
  6. I ran 3gb in my Asus A8R32 mvp without issue with overclocking. This was with cheap DDR 2x512 Gskill value and 2x1gb Ballistix but I set all the timings and divider manually to the lesser Gskill's settings (this was just to see how it would work, to help decide if I should get another gig to help future proof). In my DFI board I run Corsair 2x256mb and another set of Gskill value 2x512mb and all I had to do was set it to 2t, loosen the timings and a lower divider to make it run stable. Both were ATI chipsets and Opterons so like someone else said it could all depend on the board and chipset. With AMD the mem controllers on the cpu so that could make a difference in how stable it can run. I also never went past 3gb just cause XP has issue with anything above that, but I dual boot with Vista so I don't know yet how well 4gb or higher will do.
  7. Most others I conversed with were hitting 300+. I myself got it stable at 316 FSB with an Opteron 165 and 2x1gb Crucial Ballistix DDR500. Might be the ram or CPU.
  8. It runs primo, and Asus is still supporting it, just released a new bios; 0701 to deal with some Vista issues. Good luck finding anyone selling it through regular etailers. It seems auctions is the best bet. I got one that was crappy returned it and then found one selling new OEM for $99w/ $15 shipped. Using it now and it runs great. Got XP Pro and Vista 32bit Ultimate running dual boot just fine. Overclocks reall well. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=185160 This is with a CCBBE 0615 EPMW with 1.425v. I got it from a neighbor for helping them with there AM2 build and when I saw it I asked about it and he just gave it to me, says since I am always willing to help out with any PC technical problems. My 170 LCB9E gets higher on lower voltage so I am putting it back in once I get some more AS5.
  9. Well I got one used off ebay, the guy said he tested it thoroughly but its got bent pins on the case switches and one fan header, looks beatup as hell, came dirty in a very small box and no antistatic bag. He agreed to accept it as a return as he failed to list all the cosmetic damages in the items description,I don't think the pic he used was even the real item sold. It also had some weird stain on the bottom below the battery mount (leaky battery at some point?) and was scratched real bad on the northbridge heatsink, plus some caps were real loose. He was selling it used but at a almost new price! I finally found a new one in a retail box, paid $188w/tax, shipped but at least its got the full manufacturers warranty and all accessories. Because of the higher cost had to ditch getting an x1950 pro and went with an x1900GT on newegg for $129, will do crossfire probably when the new DX10 cards start coming out, but atleast I got the motherboard and can play with it till I can afford better gpu's. Tried about 20 etailers who listed item in stock but they cancelled my order once they realized they didn't have anymore. I guess this was one popular 3200 board for s939, I wouldn't even try for the DFI version as too many people had so many problems with that board, and ASUS has been doing pretty regular bios updates so at least they seem to still be supporting it. Going to dual boot with XP pro and Vista Ultimate 32bit versions. Will try and post pics once its all together. Heres the build list for it. Kingwin SK-523 midtower Black/blue front cathode/side window Asus A8R32 MVP w/0602 bios (in a few days) Hiper 580w modular PSU Chrome model Opteron 170 LCB9E 0652 RPMW (my 170 CCBBE 0615 died, so sad) Modded/lapped Arctic Freezer 64 pro w/92mm Vantec tornado fan Sapphire X1900GT 256mb Samsung Dual +-DVD lightscribe burner Black Onboard sound for now. Cheap 40gb SATA 1 drive for now I had lying around (Seagate Barracuda 320gb 16mb cache SATAII Perpendicular model later) 2x512mb Gskill value DDR400 (Switching to my DDR500 2x1gb Ballistix later from my other rig) Later some water cooling kit, brand undecided; front USB media card reader; some 2x vidcards for crossfire hopefully internal like the x1950 pros. Also I am replacing the tall NB heatsink for a low profile Vantec chipset cooler w/fan. This is sorta my own personal dream machine, not the most highend but with my knowledge I can probably make it last as long as my old PIII system did. And thanks Keltcknight for the heads up on your progress and any others who contributed to this thread.
  10. I swapped my A64 3200 for a 165 dual core cpu in my DFI RS482 Infinity and all I needed to do was install the dual core patch. Not even sure that was nescessary. But backing up your data is good idea anyway you never no when something might mess up with any upgrade.
  11. That OEM version looks like an engineering nightmare. Sorta reminds me of the 4 gpu monster card Voodoo almost released in there final days. I think I will wait a while to get a DX10 card, I think the hardware is leaping a little to ahead of software. At least the 8800 looked the way a card should IMHO, even though I am sorta an ATI fanboy. I will wait till the retail version is released before I make a final judgment though.
  12. These cases are really good roomy but not to big and built to last with a front door lock. I am using one for my CF build. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....3&SubCategory=7
  13. The DFI is probably the better option if you plan on overclocking. If its borked you can always RMA it to the manufacturer, the Asus board your referenced is not very OC friendly, but isn't bad so to say.
  14. Odds are they won't accept the board RMA without the original chipsink. If it was a fan and you replaced it with a better one you might be able to say the old fan failed and you replaced it, btu not if it was just a heatsink. I would wait and see if the replacement PSU fixes your problem as the problems you described definately sound PSU related.
  15. I forgot that i to flashed my bios to the most recent and certain other issues like lockups went away, but I am also running a dual core Opteron so that might have played some part in my problems on the older bios. As long as you stay with integrated video and sound the power draw is minimal and the 350w should be fine, but when you decide to upgrade later I would definately start with your PSU, good luck.
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