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  1. I'm considering picking one of these up along with a either 8900 or R600 when they come out here shortly to extend my 939 system a bit longer. Is this a logical upgrade path or should i just pool some dough and go to a C2Duo system.
  2. Wow that little prog. is sick. Just installed it after i saw your post and it's awesome.
  3. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/48006161/ On that theme you can see a calender and events window open. How do i get a program like that? It's exactly what i want simple but obvious. Is it probably something built into the theme? I dont want to use the Desktop Sidebar because it's events thing works off of Outlook which i dont use.
  4. Awesome post I used to Windowblinds but hated how it sucked up resources. I really enjoy it when people let others know these ultimately simple but not necessarily well known tricks.
  5. Not sure if there's a more appropriate place to put this but in the Medieval II demos (both the first and the current "Gold") i have a very weird issue with the menu texts, I downloaded both demos from fileplanet and have also made sure to do a reinstall with my avg disabled and this is the only game/software that this happens with....
  6. So back when i had my Xclio 450 watt it would often occur that when i went to boot up my machine or restart it, it would boot through the DFI Lanparty screen then often times just hang at a black screen with a small ' _ ' blinking in the upper left; I'd have to just hit the restart button to get into windows following the initial hang..... Well, i looked at my components and realized that maybe that psu just wasnt cutting it so i headed on over to Monarch Computers and ordered the 700watt GameXstream and i'm extremely happy and overjoyed to have it and see that it's fixed, at the very least, that annoying system hang upon boot. Just wanted to share this little success story with everyone else and reiterate to everyone from personal experience.....DFI's NEED MINIMUM 480 watts lol It will solve the little annoying junk
  7. Now I used to have a x800gto^2 flashed to 16 pipes and oc'd to xtpe speeds in this system and would get the occasion keyboard lag in bf2. Now that i've got my new card i get keyboard lag much more often and infact when i boot into bf2 sometimes my sound will let out a quick screech and then I will lose some sound (for instance i'll hear bombs around me but not my own gun firing) and will be unable to hear people over ventrilo. After a bit i then get a series of consistent noises through my headphones and then eventually i hear a low "ding" as if windows self terminated a looping program or something. Now from what i've read about psu req. could this all simply be a psu issue? I know the x1900xt's require at least 450watts and with my system oc'd I guess that would put additional strain on my psu. However, judging by this psu calculator http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp I only need around 350 watts and my current psu has two 18a 12v rails so i dont believe that is an issue. And yes i've made sure to plug in all the correct power plugs.
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