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  1. Careful on which bios you choose!!!! some of the p5q-e bios releases greatly reduced users overclock! then you would have to go through the hassle of downgrading your bios I think 1703 is a nasty one. I sorta feel your pain with the p5q-e board, I have rma'd mine already when it nearly burnt my graphics card down (under stock volts not overclocked at all) left black soot in my case thankfully asus rma had my back. Now after Upgrading to 8gb corsair ram the memory controller is damn near toast and blue screening apparently it's a issue in the p5q-e series the board can't handle the extra current load on the memory controller that 4 sticks impose instead of 2!...... Sorry wasn't trying to hijack the thread.... I would maybe consider even going with a different brand xfx sapphire etc (I know thats a big shot in the dark) of course go through the driver archive and see if any of the catalyst drivers work? could this somehow be related to running in two 8x lanes vs. 2 x16 lanes? I am assuming you have a PSU that can handle dual 4890's? P5Q-E=FUBAR
  2. BUZZKILL I guess I will try it out on my dated xp 2800+ was gonna slap it on my Xigmatek s1283+Q6600 Thanks for the info
  3. FIRST! click the link even if I hooked this up to my power supply I am a little worried about a 168W current draw!! but if I could somehow use a spare "junker" 300w power supply from around the house..."maybe" this would work..guess will see! Que Epic Fail
  4. I am wondering if the core contact freezer will fit into an asus p5q-e board? I think I have heard of guys fitting them on p5q pro's but the p5q-e as extra copper heatsinks up top. Thanks
  5. dvi-vs vga "Using VGA, the signal from the CPU is converted to VGA by the video adapter and sent to a monitor with VGA input. The conversion to VGA causes some loss of quality. With DVI the signal is not converted (kept digital) and sent to the DVI input on the monitor."----some dude on tom's hardware lol? even if this guy is right is it such a little difference that it's not worth the hassle? Thanks
  6. So here is my problem, on a new p45 q6600 machine im building in vista x64 when I change to the native resolution via nvidia control panel (1366x768)@60hz on my 32" proscan monitor it switches to that setting but i can barely see my start button\toolbar and the rest of the desktop has the same problem being "stretched". I can run [email protected] no problem cause within nvidia control panel the resize your desktop tool is "selectable" and I simply adjust it and problem solved, but after applying [email protected] that functions litterally vanishes!(on most recent july 21st 190.38 drivers!) I have searched and searched with no luck found near solutions but mostly regarding the 8-series cards and windows xp....this is using a gigabyte 9800gt 512mb basically a 8800gt re-hash. BTW this is on a HDMI connection, using the vga connection the problem is non existant, I almost wanna just drop it and use dated vga! Thanks!
  7. ya I KNOW!!! LOL thats sorta why im stuck...im thinking of taking a small FPS hit and gaining a huge amount of processing options buy going with the quad.....I.E. photoshop winrar archives...video etc. I don't do a lot of that but when I do it would be nice knowing it's faster... :thumbs-up: probably just weld a e8500 on top of a q6600....Then I have a six core
  8. Thanks for the replies the first time around! for starters I am thinking about the following: Asus P5q-E Intel :angry2: E8400 COME ON AMD GET THE LEAD OUT! G.Skill 2x2gb (Wasn't on the QVL list but many similar g.skill sticks are and people "rave" about this boards ram compatibility....fingers crossed HOWEVER..... because of a combo deal on the egg this 780i FTW came to my attention in the end they come out to 400-405 shipped! I have 2 8800gt's but to be honest wanted to sell them off and maybe get a 260 Core 216 but damn they are $$$$ I am leaning towards the intel board "10R" because I hear a lot more postive feedback from people overclocking on those boards vs Nforce boards....my overclocking on Nforce 4 wans't bad but damn . that Nvidia raid :angry2: any feedback would be helpful as im on the fence now with these two boards!....anyone see ddr3 as "worth it"
  9. motherboards are giving me a headache!!!!!! LOL p5q pro? 16 phase asus? or the sweet looking DFI it's 150 on the egg
  10. update: now im thinking about maybe even throwing more cash at this and going gtx 260 core 216!
  11. Thanks for the replies!!! Around 400-500 motherboard,ram,Cpu About the e8500 although the duo's are better for gaming isn't it fair to say you will only lose say 10% on frame rates vs a q6600? + with the quad you get the benefit of the chip being good for more than just gaming+ down the road when game engines\OS utilize all 4 cores won't the quad performance increase substantially? About 8800gt's in sli: My idea was sell the 8800gt's for around 100 dollars profit each and then take that money and buy a Radeon 4870 512mb or maybe break the bank with the 1gb? are ati drivers reliable\up to date with game releases? always been an Nvidia guy.....not to mention AMD fanboy LOL
  12. ok So I am still running on my old opteron 165 @ 2.6ghz it runs games "well" and the 8800gt's in SLI help but I think I have reached the limits of this comp now I am just debating on which direction to upgrade? (deneb is not an option, or i7) q6600 quad CPU: or E8500 duo BIG maybe but phenom 9950? motherboard is the real headache! I don't want to set record's but I would hope for 3ghz-3.4 with the quad and 3.5-3.8 with the duo I have heard that the 750i sli chipset is terrible for overclocking? any truth to this? should I go intel x38-x48 heard they were stable boards for OC. Asus Intel Board to be honest ram is a little easier for me to decide what newegg has on sell!!! LOL but needs to be overclockable as well. probably g.skill or ocz 4gb 2x4 Crossfire is avalible on a lot of boards standard while just getting a SLI capable board is a pain without a lot of cash im considering selling my two gt's and getting a 4870 512mb ? any ati\crossfire success or horror stories?
  13. mine are DIMMS damn! really? thanks sucks I read my manual and it states 4gb total...doesn't mention whether they have to be dual sided or single sided (of course) from the manual: "supports unbuffered dimm up to 512mb ddr devices" above it says "supports up to 4gb system memory" what the heck? the real killer here is I got this set because I couldn't find ocz gold ddr 500 anywhere!!!! that wasn't a huge ripoff Looks Like I might be returning these to the egg :angry2: thanks for the replies I guess im gonna go run memtest now
  14. hello all! Now before you skim through this think back a bit to the socket 939 days when amd was taking names and now my problem: just bought 2 ocz4002048eldcpe-k 2x1gb sticks to max out my board to it's claim of 4gb of supported ram. I install the first two and everything goes fine, shut off the comp and install the other two and boot up and can't even get the "NF4 lanparty" splash screen to come up? I try 3 sticks same problem I rearrange them and the system just won't post with 4gb or 3gb installed? but with 2gb everything is fine any idea's? I also selected the memory hole option in the bios while 2 sticks were in to see if that had a effect....but no dice and to clarify these are 4 sticks @ 1gb per stick Thanks! could really use some help here FAR CRY 2 is calling.....not to mention left for dead is right around the corner O.S. is xp 32 bit sp2
  15. I hear that, even with a higher clock in 770+ there isn't much of a gain maybe 1 or 2 fps......but I was hoping my card would maybe do decent on shaders but apparently not I only got up to 1691... :mad: and so far the best stable is 680/1691/900 the memory doesn't budge even though they are only rated to 1ghz. I read somewhere shaders have a dramatic impact on crysis...but that was just somebodys 2cents on a forum.:confused:] and BTW I contacted XFX and the customer support guy told me that flashing the bios with one not recommended by XFX support would void the warranty so the flash is a no go... Do you think upping the pci-e frequency in the bios would help much?
  16. damn I wish I had your clock im stuck at 680! F#$K!!!!!! maybe next time I'll go evga instead of xfx! did you volt mod?
  17. Ok I have had my xfx 8800gt (PV-T88P-YDF4) a.k.a the lowest 512mb model in the gt series) for about 2 weeks now and ati tool gives me artifacts at only 685mhz core! WTF? I thought the 8800gt was a decent clocker especially from a known company (i.e. xfx,evga,bfg). This makes me think that I maybe should have gone with the competitors card (evga's lowest model 8800gt 512mb) My question is does anyone else have this specific card...or even the evga I was talkin about:mad:? I was considering doing the bios volt mod.. has anyone here tried it with any success/is it worth the risk? and regarding the volt mod I have got a new zalman vf-900 in the mail so the heat is covered:cool: Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the suggestions:) I am VERY sure it's not the PSU being that I just upgraded to a cosair vx550 (had this problem prior to the corsair)with a 41amp 12v rail (compared to 26 with the ultra:sweat:) these PSU are known to be good quality power supplys on par with seasonic and pc power and cooling efficiency is 85% is a bios flash any help here I looked on dfi's site and my bios is a year out of date and they have updated the nf4 raid controller rom...and I disconnected the raid array and so far no random reboots!.... does anybody know of any good zero write programs? THANKS AGAIN! and will memtestprime asap...running stock at the moment to rule out OC as a factor
  19. so I Have had random restarts on my computer, these have been happening ever sinsce I built it in 2006 but now they are more frequent and I finally want to fix it:sweat: and I set my comp back to stock and it still does it at random!!!:mad: event viewer said the following:The device, DeviceHarddisk1D, has a bad block. (my raid setup, I am currently on my backup xp 80gb drive and it still restarts do I just format? or do I rma my drives being that this cycle has gone on for a while?) my second theory is it is the motherboard or nv4 raid controller is crap...because in event viewer followed by everyone of those errors I get a nvraid error right behind it one after the other? and there is this error too: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL my next thought was to perform a bios flash? I don't know if this is just an unnecessary risk or what? my bios is n4d623-1 system bios date: 62305 video bios date:32206 sorry for the lengthy post any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. It's happened to me 2 times due to a shaky raid-0 setup, it dosen't corrupt the drive but the windows installation definatley, you should have a back-up drive...then again on this raid setup I have im running 2700mhz 1.47 vlts (haven't tested at all ) on vista! but to answer your queston I would say run a small 80gb drive with xp and all your crucial games and programs and overclock on that...Thats what I SHOULD be doing
  21. here is the link the thing is a tank but is CHEAP on newegg anybody use this? heard anything about it ?, im thinking on just giving it a shot 2 white led 120mm fans just sound awesome on the case the newegg reviews sort of speak for themselves..... anybody use this in a thermaltake aguila case or a thermaltake tsunami dream:sweat: oh ya I'll get to fixing my sig:)
  22. I am running a nf4 lan party sli-dr board, had a similar problem, if your doing raid enable it in the bios (of course) ALL other drives that are running on the nf4 sata channels need to have raid disabled (I.E. raid is on ch1&ch2 and 3&4 are seperate drives you have to select disabled for ch 3&4 in the raid menu) this is only in my case I think so this is probably is different for a lot of people....
  23. volts solved my problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im running on a 180 divider ram at 3-4-4-10 its overclocked to 260mhz versus 250! and fsb is 289 with 4xhtt and 9x multi....I didn't think it would work at 4 but hell!!! and the key is 1.4 volts +104% on special control...so far has passed 1 hour of OCCT and Im running 3d mark and so far all is good...Now I bet an hour is nothing to you guys but compared to what i was at it's progress!!! next up prime 95X2!!!!
  24. Ok Before you write anything I have consulted the guide several times..... that being said here are my current settings...that didn't work on prime opteron 165 unkown stepping:mad: 289X9 fsb running a 100mhz memory divider -----trying to find my max fsb 3x htt multi (guide said lower it for stability, which did help ) it is less than 2000mhz when you do the math...i think cpu volts set to 1.375 (within amd's safe range), according to the manual ram is 3-4-4-10 stock volts with the TRC at 14---guide everything else is stock with the power supply i have (below) what do you think the first thing I should tweak...volts,fsb.ram,timmings more loose?.......any input would be great thanks
  25. below is video of my problem....low quality however.... thanks!!!! http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v662/oaf...bootproblem.flv
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