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  1. I don't run SLI either but I do have dual monitors on my 7900 andI think what yfital said about SLI fits more to what I've read about "Dual Head". I think if you have SLI you can keep them configured in SLI still use dual monitors, and have the performance advantage of SLI.
  2. Yeah only $24/ month, Woo Hoo. Its really bad when you have to finance your graphics card.
  3. There it is thanks alot. Its kind of hard to read I guess I should play with it some more.
  4. I just tried to make a picture for my signature in photoshop. Its my first time using photoshop and using a picture for a sig. How do I get the picture in my sig? Thanks.
  5. Volt much? Yeah, I wouldn't run it at 1.65, I did once and I left it alone for about 2-3,min and the temps jumped up to 58C really quick. Then BSOD right after I got back.
  6. I agree with Robc trying a powersupply that meets the minimum requirements is probably a good idea, and looking into 7900s is nice but not on a PSU that can handle a 6600.
  7. Another NOOB here but at 224 with 1:1 divider isn't he already at about DDR444? Just saying to try and make sense of it myself.
  8. I had my vCore at 1.65 and I don't even want to think about it anymore. I left the computer for 2 min when I was running OCCT and when I got back the temp was 58C and I was about to stop OCCT when it hit BSOD.
  9. I just got cool bits and OC'd my XFX 7900GT, I hit "Detect Optimal Frequencies" and it set them to 561/806. I got 9558 3DMarks with my 3800 X2 at 2500Mhz. I'm not sure if I want to trust that as truly optimal though.
  10. I have corsair RAM and a DR and I also had trouble when I tried to run the RAM fast I have it at 208mhz now and it gets an error in Memtest but its stable in OCCT but anyhigher with the FSB/RAM ratio and it won't pass OCCT.
  11. I believe it is 0610, I got it to 2.75Ghz but at 2.8 it was unstable. So I backed it down to 2.5 and now i'm trying to learn what I can about RAM as far as overclocking goes. Right now I have the RAM at 5/06 (208Mhz) with stock timings 3-3-3-7, and the vDimm at 2.7.
  12. Is the memtest that came on my motherboard in the BIOS the same as the one that I can download and put on a bootable floppy? Sorry for putting up so many posts, but their just easy answers for most of you so thanks alot.
  13. Yeah I guess it was kinda dumb to ask wihtout even trying google. But I'm actually running it right now. So i'm on my sisters laptop. Thanks anyway.
  14. I was following the overclocking guide and got to where I was supposed to run SuperPi 32m test. When I tried to click the link in the guide it said the page could not be found. So is there somewhere else to get SuperPi or some other program I could use? Thanks.
  15. I've read the overclocking guide and I'm going to overclock very soon. My BIOS is 11/14/2005 and I was wondering if I should get a newer version, will it matter, and which do you reccomend.
  16. Ha, I already found that overclocking guide on my own, thanks anyway. One more thing I wasn't sure about is where to put the thermomerters that came with the case. Like is there a standard way to put them to ensure that it gets an accurate and comperable temp, or anything like that?
  17. I got the whole system together, except I can't figure out how to get a few fans on, which won't be hard as my friend has the same case and PSU. I'm also waiting on the same guy to get me the operating system. So all I can do is mess around in BIOS for now. The more difficult thing is the onboard USB and Firewire. The motherboard paperwork doesn't say anything about them except show me where they are, so I don't know where to plug those small connectors? If its easy to explain please do if not it can wait. I guess soon I'll be on the overclocking forums so see you there.
  18. No, all the standoffs are the same. Is it a problem that I don't have that one or just missing one?
  19. i'll check didn't notice it though, thanks. I'll porbably be back w/ more stupid questions soon;)
  20. I just got the case and motherboard today so I started to put the system together, so I put standoffs in the motherboard tray that came with my case. But I don't have enough. I'm one standoff short for all the holes in the Mobo. Is that ok? I was worried about if it may not ground the motherboard properly or something? Anyone know?
  21. I just got mine today. It's LDBFE 0610VPMW. I don't know what that means so I guess that don't help much, eh well.
  22. Thanks alot thats exactly what I wanted to hear. I know it was a stupid question but I wasn't sure, thanks again.
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