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  1. I've seen alot of guys including my self dissapointed in Corsair XMS. Mine tops out at about 235MHz (never really tested for stability in Memtest, just prime95), and i've heard of some that have been worse.


    What is the highest that you can run the RAM at?


    And as for the fact that your friend had it running at 280MHz doesn't mean it will do the same in a differnt system. I hear that alot on these fourms.

  2. You can use either, I guess but I would just use the Core Vid Voltage, unless you need to fine tune the voltage. I coppied the following from the Overclocking Guide (http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823) which has a nice chart if you want to see all the options that that feature allows.


    CPU VID Control

    This is your vcore which is your CPU’s voltage setting ..


    CPU VID Special Control

    This may be named different depending on the motherboard but it normally has options that look like this..


    104%, 110%, 113%, 123%, 126%, 133%, 136%


    What this does is let you add more vcore to your CPU when your regular vcore options are not enough.. What you do is multiply your CPU VID Control with your CPU VID Special Control to get your actual vcore. Here is an example of using the VID Special..


    CPU VID Control = 1.50

    CPU VID Special = 110%


    1.50 x 110% = 1.65v

    So with this setting your giving your CPU 1.65 vcore.

  3. I picked the 360 mainly because its what i'm used to. I never liked how a PS2 controller felt, and the Wii controller, if you want to call it that (I believe Nintendo calls it a remote), looks like fun but not practical. By which I mean it might be fun for some games like Zelda, swinging your sword but I don't see it working for many other games.


    My favorite thing about the Xbox is how the joysticks are positioned, it just works really well for FPS. The control of dual joysticks really something I enjoy, and I just can't get used to keyboard or even Gamecube controller.

  4. I think your problem is that your RAM simply wont run at 250MHz. Mine maxed out at around 240MHz and I run it at 233MHz.


    I think you misunderstood the guide or it just didn't say that once you find the max of your CPU you have to go back to stock FSB or at lest decently lower than the CPU max, in addition to the other settings that you changed. Then slowly raise the FSB and test your memory until you find its max speed. Then find a happy median so that both run fast without errors. Hope that helps.

  5. I can't get the front USB ports on my case to work. I'm sure that the plugs are connected properly, and there is no power to the ports get nothing at all and i have tried several USB devices. The USB power jumper is in the defualt position.


    My BIOS options are defualt:


    OnChip USB---------------------V1.1+V2.o

    USB Memory Type--------------SHADOW

    USB Keyboard Support---------Disable

    USB Mouse Support-------------Disable

    USB Park Mode------------------Disable

    USB TD Reads-------------------ISO Queue

    USB Periodic Data Read--------ISO Queue

    USB Asyn Data Reads----------non-ISO Queue


    Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong, i'd apreciate your input.

  6. I was just screwing with my BIOS trying to get my RAM to run faster. It failed to load windows a few times, I changed the settings, got it to load windows, change settings again, no boot.


    I'm getting 4 leds, then 3 leds, then 2 leds, and quickly after that i have 3 leds with the fourth blinking.


    Then the fourth one goes out and its 3 leds, then 2 leds and back to 3 w/4th blinking, and it repeats. I'm not sure if this is normal or not.


    I tried booting with one stick in DIMM 2. Same result.


    I assume, from searching for "diagnostic leds" and reading a few posts there, that I will have to clear CMOS and i've read the guide by ExRoadie. Only question I have about that is, the power at my house just flickered and i was wondering if there would be any danger if that happened again while I was clearing CMOS. Just asking because I heard thats a problem when flashing BIOS.


    As always thanks alot for your help.

  7. I only got a HDTV cable, and i'm not sure about that extra socket, i have a S-Video port, i don't know if there is something different, or what your trying to describe. So I'm pretty sure my card isn't VIVO, so any suggestions on capture cards.

    Again thanks for the on topic advice, for real this time. Here I'll edit my sig to fix the problem.


    I didn't mean to get arsey, if that even is a word.

  8. No offense but you guys should lay off my PSU. Especially in a thread that has nothing to do with power supplies. Mostly what alot of people on here say is just fanboyness towards your GameXStreams. I don't tell my friend to sell his Ford escort and get cavalier every time I see him. Geez.


    Thanks for your advice David, now say "Uncle".

  9. I'm looking into getting set up for video capture from my XBox. I'm not sure what video capture card to get and was hoping for suggestions and guidance on what to look for.

    Also I noticed that XFX makes a VIVO version of the 7900GT, I think I have the non VIVO, my main clue is that I don't have the cabling. So I was wondering what the differance is between the two version of the card (VIVO vs Non-VIVO).


    I google'd "video capture" and ended up on halo.bungie.org reading a guide that claimed that if the xbox is directly connected to the capture device you would then be limited to short recordings. Is that true, and if so how short?


    Thanks for your help.

  10. Today I clicked that Find Optimized Settings on the nVidia overclocking settings page. And as it was testing the settings it found (don't know what they were) it reset my computer which it never did before. Oh and right before the screen went black there were orange or red dots on my desktop, i don't know if thats considered artifacts or something. So i guess it set itself too high, what do you guys think, should I not use that option, and just slowly up the speed testing it with 3d mark?

  11. If you want a good deal on a server case I would look at the Aspire X-SuperAliens. They're huge, have a mobo tray, a shitload of fans and are easy to work with. I realize that the $140ish price is a little high, but the stock PSU is damn good (my friend runs 2x 7800GTs on it) so that saves you the $100 some dollars for those gamexstream things.

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