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  1. @#*%!!!! I got my power cord today.:) Of course its a two prong and I need a 3 prong:mad: But at least this time when I called xbox support I got to talk to someone I could understand. So another week and maybe I'll be back online.

  2. I was amazed but yesterday, Friday, I got the new power supply, only 3 days after I sent the old one out. So I was pretty impressed with the customer service and speed of shipping, until I try to use the new power supply only to find that they didn't send the cord that connects the power supply to the wall outlet. So i call 1-800-4 my xbox, after I got disconnected the first time, when I was talking to someone I could actually understand, I call back and get a woman who I have to have repeat just about everything she said. But It wasn't that bad, because eventually she figured it out and said that they would send me one for free, but it would take 8-10 days. Then she gives me the reference number and I ask her to repeat it, and she hangs up. So I hope I don't have to call them again because I don't have a reference number. So now it looks like it will be 2-3 weeks with out guitar hero.

  3. I just bought an elite console two weeks ago. I got Gears of War and Guitar Hero II and was enjoying the new system. Until this morning when I figured I'd start it downloading some demos while I was at school. But it wouldn't power on. I make sure its plugged in, of course it is. Then I notice the light on the PSU is out, which it should never be. So when I get home I call 1-800-4 MY XBOX, and they tell me I have to send it to Mcallen, Texas and then they will send me a new one. I have to pay shipping there. So I'm on my way to the post office now, and hopefully I get the new one back within a week.

  4. I'm running XP Media Center on one and XP Pro on the other. I have Belkin 4-port Cable/DSL Router, and I don't think I have it set to anything, I just plugged everything in. I tried it turning off nVidia firewall, same problem. I guess I'll just try a couple more times.

  5. I did that, but now the DFI rig shows that it is the only computer in its work group. When I clicked "View work group computers" on the ASUS it said "Workgroup is not accessible." and then something about, I may not have permission to access and contact an administrator, and then something like: No servers available for work group.


    I'm pretty sure I could figure out file sharing, but I can't get the network setup right.

  6. I'm attempting to setup a network with my DFI rig and the ASUS setup I have for my parents. I want to use file and printer sharing. I've ran the network setup wizard on both computers. Each computer is now in a work group named MSHOME, but they are not in each other's work groups, if that makes any sense.


    I have a cable modem and a wired router so I set the connection type to: "This computer connects to the internet directly or thorugh a network hub. Other computers on my network also connect to the internet directly or through a hub." Then I select "Turn on file and printer sharing". Right after that it tells me that NVIDIA firewall and windows firewall are running on the nForce ethernet interface. I tell it to disable windows firewall on the nForce ethernet interface.


    I've tried to read network setup guides but they just say to use the Network Setup Wizard, and aren't very helpful. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I hope its just that I missed some thing simple, thanks for your help in advance.

  7. I just got Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. I rebuild my raid array and write 0s to it. Install Windows, and everything goes okay, until it asks me to put the Windows Service Pack 2 Disk into the disk drive.

    I didn't get that disk. All i have is Windows XP Disk 1 Disk 2, and a disk labled updates for Media Center 2005.

    So I hit cancel and it finsihes installation, restarts and boots to windows. Now as I'm trying to install drivers InstallShield gives me this:


    "1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime"


    So I install all the drivers I can, and then try to get some from the internet only to realize that IExplorer has failed to install. So I put my old hard drive in (as drive E:), so now i can run IExplorer but cant' get on the net. I assume because something went wrong installing drivers.


    Anyone have any ideas or suggestions, I'm pretty confused as to why I need a disk that they didn't send me. Thanks for taking the time to read and I'd appreciate any input.

  8. If I remember right most people like 16/4, 16/8 (stripe/cluster). I found this thread helpful when trying to decide the same thing for my array. Has alot of benchmarks.


    http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ght=stripe+size (think this is what ExRoadie was referring too.)


    I also read arguments about loading large or small files, ect. but I don't know how to determine which I use more and I'm really not that into it. Think I ended up with 16/8. Windows starts in way less than half the time so I'm happy with it.

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