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  1. well, lets just say i don't want to use DHCP, this isn't a network i administrate and i dont want the DHCP server assigning my ip. it assigns me into a subnet i don't want to be in


    I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish.


    If DHCP was giving you an address that you didn't want, and you then manually set you ip address to a different range that you have decided is good for you for whatever reason, then how can you be getting duplicate ip addresses? That would only happen if you were using an address within the scope of the DHCP server.



    It might be easier for people to help if you actually explained the situation. What is the purpose of this and what type of network is it, is the DHCP device a simple router or is it a server?

  2. Hit or miss? Based on what? Individual games? I saw quite a variance in 3DMark scores, but figured it was due to the rest of the system. (CPUs most likely.) Is that what you mean?


    But I don't play many games anyway, I'm sure it will be sufficient.

  3. Thanks for the link, I was looking for something like that but couldn't find it. It shows that the Intel 4500 is worse than the 8400GS.


    So, the Sager is $40 more, for a larger screen and less graphics capability. I think I'll be going with iBuyPower but I'm not sure yet.

  4. I was going to recommend Sager notebooks, but some of ibuypower's laptops are the same as Sager's. That's a good choice! I love my Sager! But i must also warn you that the 8400gs is a horrible graphics card. (ranks weaker than ati 9800pro)


    what's your maximum budget, I will help you find the perfect laptop!


    I can spend $700 max. Like absolutely max.


    So looking at Sager I could afford this one:




    Its about the same as the one from iBuyPower, a weaker processor(which $50 could solve, but I really don't want to spend more than I have to), but a few nicer features: larger screen, HDMI. How is the Intel

  5. I'm in the market for a new laptop and was looking for some advice. I came here because I was on DIY Street a while ago (was a member when it was DFI support) and liked the community there; wanted to go back but found that they have integrated here, where I already had an account but never really visited. But back to the point.


    Want to get a laptop and not spend a lot of money. I currently have a rig with a 3800X2, 1GB of RAM, and a 7900GT on a DFI SLI-DR. This system is still good enough for me, but I want portability for school. So I'll be happy with something comparable in performance, or hopefully slightly better. The most hardware intensive program I run is probably VMWare (running Virtual Machines for school). I'd like to be able to play some games but don't need the best. I play Age of Empires III and that's about it.


    So far, in my limited searching, I've found this to be the seemingly best option: Battalion 101 CX-5 II




    So, opinions on the CX-5, will it meet my needs, suggestions for other options?

  6. You can easily clock a 3800+X2 to 2.5Ghz and possibly 2.8-3GHz if you're really good or really lucky. But for $20 more the 4200+ has a 11x multi, not sure how that that matters, but its something to look at.


    Newegg has 8600GTs for about $120, which is probably better than getting older cards for SLI.


    Alot of guys like that OCZ, seems like good stuff...

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