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  1. Those are the settings I am using, seems to be ok atm if i switch the modules round and use the yellow slots, is it normal for one module from an identical pair to dislike a slot that the other module is fine using?
  2. Right well this is what todays testing has told me, i ran memtest and made sure all my FSB/DRAM sttings were sorted as Mack said. Now I can get windows to boot correctly if I only use one module in the 1st yellow slot furthest from the CPU. However if I insert a second module I get the same unpredictable results as before.(same result if i use both yellow or both orange slots). Any more thoughts on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. BTW I now have the BETA BIOS update runnning.
  3. Well after running memtest for about an hour, the system froze. I also noticed the modules are quite warm,l like 41 celcius under no load, is this normal? I am running them at 2.55V and 3-3-3-8 timings. Any Ideas If its my timings causing the lockups in memtest or if its faulty modules themselves?
  4. Well I finally got hold of a PS2 keyboard and got the ULI driver installed so that I could load windows... Woo Hoo! However now I`ve got a weird Problem when i boot the system, just after the windows logo appears and windows loads the logon screen, the system then either boots straight into windows as it should or... it takes like 10mins of blank screen b4 it eventually decides to load windows. Another issue I noticed is that I can no longer use the windows CD to boot from and reinstall, setup just freezes if I try. So not really sure how I can reinstall :eek: Any idea what could be causing this? Bearing in mind the system is rock stable when its in windows and even runs games fine.
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