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  1. Hi, I have recently gone Vista Ultimate 64bit as my only OS. I was thinking, is it possible to put another set of OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC4000 Dual Channel Platinum Series ram in it. If so, would it be worth while? Regards, Eclipse - Andy
  2. aaron, I know I can get to 3ghz easily but I would rather have an Overclock that I can not improve on (if that is possible). Regards, Eclipse - Andy
  3. Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me. I have a very simular system (see sig), but I am not 100% clued up on Overclocking. I have a decent watercooling system that cools all the components, with stock temperatures: CPU: 25c Chipset: 32c Gcard 1: 30c Gcard 2: 32c Watercooling Kit: MountainMods U2-UFO - Black BigWindow Opti1203 Matrix Orbital MX412 Black Keypad Swiftech Storm G4 CPU Waterblock 2x EKWaterblock-FC78 - Full Cover EKWaterblock-NF4 Rev1.1 ThermoChill PA120.3 Radiator 6x Nexus D12SL-12 Black & White 120mm Fans Alphacool Laing DDC-Pump 12V Ultra I tried the settings for my RAM that PhoetuS suggested (apparently recommended by OCZ), my computer posts but resets before windows loads (after it has raided my hard drives). If anyone could help me gain the benefits of my equipment I would be very greatful. Regards, Eclipse - Andy
  4. *Bump* Only one card appears in the Bios. Both cards work in the top slot Not sure if the motherboard would allow me to test to see if the bottom slot works by itself?
  5. Sorry, read the notice and have reposted in the correct place.
  6. Hi guys, glad the new website is back, god knows what I would do without you lol. Anyway... I have had a single 7900gtx for a while. Decided to go SLI. Brought exact same model card, and put it into the second PCI express port. I plugged a FDD connector in above the first card, I put the bridge inbetween. I went into Bios, enabled the SLI thing to Auto and went into Genie and put it to 8 4 8. Rebooted, but still it only sees the one card. I have removed the drivers, reset bios, I do not know what to do. Any help? I would be very greatful. Regards, Eclipse - Andy
  7. Hi guys, I have finally got my rig 100% up and running, the specs before in my sig. Here are my temperatures at stock settings: How far do you think I can push my hardware?
  8. Hello people, a have a few questions. 1.) I modded the fan on my motherboard to the Evercool VC-RE Chipset Fan, following all the steps as described on the video. When i went to plug it in, it only works on molex and not motherboard connection. This is really annoying, not only because it causes me extra wiring, but because the fan goes at 100% and sound like a train. The only reason I installed watercooling was to get rid of the noise. Is this normal or is the fan broken? I have purchased a EK waterblock for it instead to give that a try, but I am not sure if I can get the pipes in and out around my graphics cards. If I cant, I would like to continue to use the Evercool VC-RE Chipset Fan but I need this problem sorted. 2.) I have been having problems with the silicon image on my motherboard. I have 4 SATA2 Hard Drives on the Nvidia sata connections, because they are Sata2. I have 2x WD Raptors in raid 0 on silicon image slots 1 and 2 using a WD secure cable. I have another 2 raptors in raid 0 on silcion image slots 3 and 4 using a WD secure cable. It seems that single hard drives out of each raid disappear, causing the raid to not work. To test if it was the Silicon image, I installed 2 raptors on the nvidia ports in Raid 0 and not had one problem with them. After my latest crash of a raid because 1 hard drive did not appear, I have had enough. I think it is the motherboard, but just to be sure I have installed the new Enermax 1000w power supply to ensure enough power is being provided, but the problem still happens. I am using the latest bios drivers, and the latest Silicon image drivers. I have tested each hard drive individually, all work fine. So I am certain it is the motherboard, but your thoughts please? RMA it? Thanks for your time, Regards Andy
  9. Im cooling my FX60 with the Storm 5 waterblock on a 120.3 rad. 23c temp. Plenty of overclocking potential me thinks.
  10. Hi Blooz1, Thanks for the welcome and compliments, I will have a read and see what I can do by myself . Regards Andy P.S. Whoever editted my signature, its 4kb over the 50kb limit, I did not realise you were so fussy.
  11. Hey Petercintn, Thanks for the welcome and comments, I am very happy with my computer. Yes I have gone over the top, yes I an skint as well. Go to University in September so I wanted to treat myself before I go. Hopefully with the help of you guys I would be able to get some good overclocking experience . Thanks again, Andy
  12. Hi guys, thanks for your help in previous threads to get me up and running. My Computer is now ready to get into the 3GHz club, hopefully you guys can help me get there. My specs are at the bottom, here are some temp readings: CPU: 22c GPU1: 27c GPU2: 28c PowerMIC: 38c Chipset: 32c I have modified the chipset fan to the one shown in the guide. I could of watercooled it, but to much effort. I am new to overclocking, I am understanding the DFi bios better as everyday goes past. Could you please tell me what I should be aiming to get my PC too? If someone could do a list of settings I should change like I have seen in other threads, that would be of great help. Any questions please ask, thanks in advance. Andy
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