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  1. Great. All of a sudden his computer won't boot anymore. And, it's throwing an error code that reads something like _8 :mad:
  2. What should i set them to? I tried setting them to 9.5ns and 15ns (the highest they would go) and I still was unstable. I enabled memtest and it didn't pass once, they were all errors. I'm thinking for some reason the board doesn't like the divider, but I highly doubt this memory could possibly run 1:1. Maybe I should give 'er a shot at 270 3-4-4-8 and up the DRAM voltage a bit.
  3. LDT/FSB 3x, NMOS, PMOS, and Receiver Impedance are all at 05. CPU HT Bus Drive is set to Normal. RD580 PLL is set to Auto. What's MAL/RP?
  4. Hello everyone! This is my first post! I first attempted to solve this problem at overclock.net, but I figured that I should probably ask the experts instead. This is actually for my brother's computer (the one in the sig) and if I like this board, I believe I will get one for myself. But anyway... I cannot get this board stable past 270 FSB and it is hindering a great overclock on the Opty 146. Even with multiplier settings of HTT 3x, CPU 8x, and DRAM 2/3 the FSB isn't stable at 271 or above. Is there some sort of setting I missed? I even have only one DIMM of RAM in the farthest orange slot from the CPU (I picked up on that earlier while reading around for this board ) Any help would be greatly appeciated! EDIT: And the Opty was Prime95 stable at 2700Mhz with the RAM at a 3/4 divider. Another EDIT: The board is also not stable at 270, 8x CPU, 3x HTT, and 2/3 divider with a 1.34v LDT Bus (I bumped it up one)
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