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    ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe
    AMD Opteron Denmark 165
    BFG GeForce 7800GT
    2x1GB G.Skill DDR400
    850W Corsair 850TX
    Thermaltake Soprano case
    Seagate 7200.10 320GB
  1. Thanks for the info! I guess I should start reading-up on timings...
  2. Hi all, One of my sticks of DDR 500 ram just bit the dust, so I'm back running at stock speeds with a brand new set of G.Skill DDR400 sticks. I'm hesitant to overclock budget ram, and would like to know whether it's worth restoring my cpu overclock with the ram on a divider? Or is the ram going to bottleneck the whole thing anyway?
  3. I believe the USPS will ship Priority mail overseas, just like ordinary priority mail (just takes a little longer). If you label it as a gift, the recipient doesn't have to pay customs. Otherwise they have to pay for 'importing' goods.
  4. 2 Dimms (my mobo has issues with 4 dimms....) I can get a 2 dimm kit of Ballistix for $160 new, so I'm hoping for a bit of a discount for a used set :-) But I'm not committed to any particular brand at this point.
  5. Opty 165 here doing 2.6 under air (and it's a bad stepping). Newegg.com has them for $95, but I realize that doesn't help you much. Perhaps some of the UK vendors have a similar deal?
  6. I'm looking for a 2GB kit of DDR 500 ram. Not too picky about the brand. I need something a 'little' better than the 4 sticks of value ram I've got now, something that will work with my ASUS A8N 32. 290FSB, so I'm going for DDR500 to run a minimal divider. Looking to pay around $130 US. Lemme know what you've got lying around!
  7. Another question, if that's ok. DDR500 is crazy expensive, but would it make sense to get something between there and my current value ram? Say, 2 sticks of 1GB ram that's designed for overclocking? Newegg's timing out on me, so I'm not sure what's available, but assuming ddr400 is cheaper than ddr500, what do you think of this idea?
  8. Well, apparently my BIOS 'auto' setting had them on 2T. And, the only way I can boot windows is 2T, set on maximum divider (1/2FSB = ram at 145 :-(
  9. Yeah, $200 is a little steep for a ram upgrade at this point. The whole idea of this overclocking escapade was to get a cheap final upgrade on socket 939 to hold me out for a couple years 'till I'm ready for a rebuild. Even if I stay where I am at 2.61 GHz, I'm running faster than any dual core socket 939 processor on newegg right now. Now I've just gotta figure out how to get my ram stable at any speed. Was fine at 1/2 divider for a while, then I tried 2T timing and less divider, and now it won't work at all. Methinks I should turn off the OC and see how far the ram can go by itself (like Thunda recommends) and go from there.... Quick question: If I switch from 1T to 2T, should I be able to run at less of a divider? If I'm stable at 1T and 140Mhz ram speed, would I be stable at 2T and 280Mhz? I assume not, but what's the relationship between 1/2T?
  10. Good lord, undervolting?!! I'm at 1.44v to get 290x9 stable. (gets up to 47 degrees running 8 hours prime95). I get the impression my stepping is pretty terrible. It's CCBWE 551UPMW, and I'm seeing here: http://wiki.extremeoverclocking.com/wiki/O...#Stepping_Info: and here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=96900 that it's lucky to get to 2.6-2.7. Should I believe that, or is it worth investing almost $200 in better ram? mknwat, thanks for the size info, I'll grab a ruler when I get home and see how that's going to work. I realize DDR is all but gone, but I'm not ready for full system upgrade at this point. syngen, thanks for the tip. I want to make sure it's worth doing and that the ram will fit on my board before I bother dan, but if it's going to work I'll give him a pm.
  11. Speaking of a cooler, does anyone know whether the heatspreaders will interfere with my Thermaltake Big Typhoon heatpipes? How tall are these Redline sticks? I'm not sure how much higher my cpu can go; with ram divided down to 1/2 the cpu only gets as far as I have listed.....but at least upgraded ram would allow me to run closer to 1:1. Who knows, hopefully you're right about 2.8!
  12. Hi all, I'm new to the world of overclocking, currently running my Opteron 165 at 2.6GHz (290 x 11), but I've got ValueRam (And 4 sticks of it, so I need a divider even at stock lol). My question is, is this set of Mushkin Redline DDR 500 a worthwhile upgrade? Is there something else that would be equally effective? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146034 Mushkin's site offers the same set for $183, and I might be able to find some used if this is in fact a worthwhile upgrade. Thanks in advance!
  13. Point taken; I'll definitely give everest a whirl to see how the ram's doing. Newegg's charging almost $200 for 2x1GB of XMS DDR 500 ram!! What brands are good for this, so I can keep an eye out on the used market?
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