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  1. Thanks to everyone. Finally I send the module for RMA. I was KAPUTTT!!! They changed the module and now everything is FINE (I spend several days with this...) MY AUDIO IS WORKING. Thanks to everyone.
  2. Tried the new drivers, still no audio. How can I check if the module is recognized? Maybe hardware error?
  3. Yes, the bios option (disabled-auto) is in auto. Any other ideas? Thaks
  4. Thanks for ur answer. I´ve updated everything from DFI web. I´ll check and install these drivers now. On the other hand, should I install nVidia audio drivers or realtek??
  5. Hi everyone. I´m new here, and new with my lanparty. I finished mounting and installing drivers and stuff but get no audio on my Karajan Audio Module. I tried with Realtek provided drivers (MOBO drivers & utility CD vers. 003), then with nVidia audio drivers: no audio at all. I tried everything except removing the Karajan module (I need to unscrew the motherboard and everything for safely remove it) I´ve used the Driver Cleaner, update everything, but no results. Any ideas before removing the Module or suicide?
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