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  1. mmmmm Could try it with my NF4 board as well Doc
  2. Thedoc

    Crysis Video

    Try http://www.gamershell.com/download_17537.shtml I use gamers hell all the time for downloads and information/demos Doc
  3. Thedoc

    Crysis Video

    Hi According to my order 29/06/07 though it is always subject to change :mad: Doc
  4. Thedoc

    Crysis Video

    Hi On the strength of the Demos and in game play as well as Far cry being a dam good game I have pre ordered it! Cant wait for it to arrive Doc
  5. I have had the game on order since Dec 2004 with Play.com. I thought it was going to be released in the March of 2005. (LOL) When I actually received the email saying it had been posted I nearly feel of my chair :eek2: I made the mistake of putting the skill level to veteran, then spent the next two hours being killed by everything from rabid dogs to bandits. The game must be enjoyable for me as I missed the England v Isreal Euro Qualifier :eek: (thank god I did in hindsight). I think game play is a bit slow as you run for ages before meeting any one. Since I have been killed that many times the scenario is always different when replayed, ie rain, reactions etc. The thought that i will spend another couple of hours playing must be testament to a different style of game play by the developers So far so good though a couple of things i have learnt the F6-F7 for quick save and load Search all bodies as the always have goodies to pinch apart form that any one else with hints please post!! Doc
  6. I have mug coasters made from old PCB Boards :cool: Doc
  7. E mail Sent (better late than never:rolleyes:) Doc
  8. Hi all Can anyone recommend a northbridge watercooling Block for the Infinity 975X motherboard I am unsure to which type will fit (I do have an NF4 DD block) Any advice is great fully received. Doc
  9. Welcome back!!!!:cool: Have missed cruising the threads Well done all involved and I am sure it will be a huge success doc
  10. Hi All, After getting (Still got TBH) the 4LED of Doom (Sounds like a 80's metal band) contacted bios-repair (Link via somewhere on forum) it is available from http://www.bios-repair.co.uk/ Cost me £11.49 for a pre flashed bio (which I am waiting for at the moment) Paul who runs the company has been very good TBH and I even spent out ona chip extractor tool as well (£2.50) Just found out though that the Local sorting office is on strike :sad: So I have been reduced to the laptop at the moment!:cool: Hope this helps Doc
  11. Hi Do you still have the RDX200 board. If so PM please Thanks The Doc
  12. Also Try http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Cooling-Emporium £8.99 and Delivers to Europe as well The Doc
  13. Try http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Cooling-Emporium for the Evercool VC-RE £8.99 and £3.50 Shipping to Europe The Doc
  14. I voted for the Less than $35 Is there an issue shipping to UK at and and how much will shipping cost? Doc
  15. Does that mean the UK is out of the question as well then:eek2: Doc
  16. Do they send to UK as I really like the Blue Stacker Case Doc
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