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  1. By the way, what's the rest of your watercooling system made of?


    The system is made of;


    1*Aqua extreme MP1 block

    1*Laing 18w pump

    1*Swiftech MRC 220 Quiet series

    1*Swiftech MRW 30 chipset block

    1*Swiftech reservoir micro res


    All on 1/2 ID tubing.


    Flow is Rad->CPU Block->NB Block->Reservoir->Pump


    The ambient temp is normally 20-22


    hope this is enough info.


    Ant suggestions greatly received as this is my first go at WC





  2. Hi

    To be honest case air flow is non existent as it is in an enclosed area

    (computer desk scenario) that backs against a wall.

    The case also has to be closed as I have a 2 and 3 year old budding computer helpers (along with a mad cat!)

    To compound matters the desk is also located in a sun trap as it sits next to a patio window :mad:

    Hope this helps


  3. Hi all


    I have a 975X that runs up to 60+ when gaming on the northbridge.


    I invested in a swifttech MCW30 which is now running and I used Arctic Ceramique as the thermal paste.

    The NB is now running at under 50 and up to 55 for gaming.

    Yours views please, is this normal (also considering the Ceramique is burning in)





  4. Just started playing it

    Have to agree with Angry that compared with COD, COD OU COD2 COD 3 and COD with Chips (My fav) it is not as good

    Saying that I do like it and find it different to play, slightly harder to aim and such...

    Saying that my 7600OC GT is struggling to keep up with some on the action:mad:


    So a couple of things;

    Is there a quick save function, as I cannot find one?

    Anyone else playing it and how are you finding it?


    Finally I bought MOH Airborne as an in between game, as I am waiting for

    COD 17 (4 reallly) and Crysis, though if my Graphics card is struggling now I think crysis will kill it!



  5. Thanks all so far for your help

    I am looking at the Linux one at the moment.

    I will complete the move to a larger HDD in the next few weeks

    (money and excuses of money disappearing from joint account :rolleyes: to other half)


  6. Hi all


    I am about to upgrade my Hard drive and would like a free programme

    that will clone onto my new hard drive without the pain of a reinstall?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction please?



  7. All part of the hype i think these days :mad:


    I have to admit that a good demo is worth its weight in gold.

    I have bought COD form the Demo, and probably a few others, though I will need to rack my grey cell :P



  8. TheDoc, i just dled ur link thinking it was a new video, but its the same! DAMN YOU

    Sorry it is a link :rolleyes:

    Damm Beer :beer I will most stop frinkng



  9. open the console and type:

    rs_stats 1


    this will open a list on the left of the screen with alot of info that only russian programmers know what they are for ;)

    but the most important, the fps, is in the top left.

    MiaDias thanks for that I will try it out and feed it back with all my settings


  10. Running a 7600 GT card thats stock with 256MB.

    have to run it on Average settings.

    If I push the settings up to max on display then it becomes very choppy (reminds me of my early gaming cards :rolleyes:)

    Will post settings later as I am off to work)


  11. Otherwise I'm gonna etch something into the IHS, drill a hole in it, then hang it on a gold chain. Bling bling! (sorta)

    :sweat: who new meaning to Bling!

    is a E6400 the ultmate in Geek bling then at the moment,:P


    ps how bling is an ex-opty 165 on a chain

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