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  1. I got an Asus board for this DFI piece of ****. I wish everybody the best of luck with this board, I just need a PC that works.
  2. I used the wrong ITE SmartGuardian, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience :angel:
  3. I got the following problem: Can this harm my system because the volts are too high ? Got the OCZ PSU today so this is kind of a major bummer
  4. I have a AB0 revision. I thought there were two revisions.
  5. The only problem now is that I find it ridiculous that a board of 211 euro's must have this kind of issues. I still have to test mine but due problems with the shipment for an OCZ GameXStream 700 W I'm still waiting. The problem with the Marvell Gigabit port I have already encountered, internet going fine, LAN traffic above 10 MBit gives serious problems. Both ports dissappear in Networkconnections or a blue screen, very frustrating. Maybe a tip for DFI: next time run more tests on the chips you get from other manufacturer. And for NVidia/ULi: thanx boys, you done a real great job...NOT
  6. That sounds very nice...it's not cheap memory so this kind of warranty is always welcome. Anakin_hollan you're right, over 30 years we don't have computers anymore, you just get it installed when you visit the hospital
  7. Do they mean with lifetime warranty, that over 30 years and the memory breaks down I can still get a new one ?
  8. That's weird. I got revision AB0. But if some boards have a default ULi chip then comparing revisions isn't going to help. Got my GameXStream and waterpump back on Friday so I hope the new bios and driver will solve my freezing problem.
  9. I would defenitely go with an GameXStream 600 Watt for my rig, that's enough for my hardware. The 700 Watt version is just too much power.
  10. I would like to reply on why Aerocool PSU's aren't any good. Had an Aerocool TurbinePower 550 W and this is the deathcount caused by it: - P4 2.4 GHz - Epox Motherboard - LG DVD Burner - Memorex DVD player - 2 Hitachi 250GB - 1 WD 120 GB - 1 Innovatek HPPS 12 V Waterpomp - 1 Superflower Fancontroller So yeah this aerocool is going back to the shop and will be replaced for an OCZ GameXStream.
  11. I read the first post but the problem I am having is the following. I have a window with a modded case and I would like a powersupply with a titanium look and with blue UV meshed cables something like the Ultra X2 550W PSU - Titanium. My question is, is this PSU gonna work on a DFI CFX 3200 or do you recommend another brand like OCZ ? I had an Aerocool Turbinepower 550W but after a complete hardware crash my supplier agreed to switch it for another. I hope somebody can help. EDIT I found this CPU http://www.frozencpu.com/psu-180.html is this one qualified for working with the DFI CFX3200 DR or do you recommend another ?
  12. It has succeeded, now I got another problem. With all the newest drivers I have lock ups for 1 second with games, playing music etc. How can I fix this ? Or is this a well known problem ? I'm getting a little bit frustrated because I spent a lot of money on a new setup and now this happends :mad: Or should I hang all my SATA drives on the Silicon Controller ? EDIT: Problem went away after not loading HD TUNE, WEIRD
  13. I wanna do a fresh install with uli driver 220. I need to load them with the setup using F6 but how do I make a floppy with the drivers, when I only have the exe file ? It concerns the driver on the following URL: http://www.nvidia.com/page/uli_drivers.html Anybody can help ?
  14. Is there a program that can monitor the temps ? I installed MBM5 but this mainboard doesn't exist in the list where you can select which mainboard you have :mad: With the warm weather in the Netherlands, it would be wonderful to check the temps
  15. I just did, sorry for the inconvenience, I'm not much of a rule reader Is there a manual to know what for example the post code 7F means ? Is there a manual with all the post codes in it ? I have downloaded the manual but can't find the answer there.
  16. Is there a manual to know what for example the post code 7F means ? Is there a manual with all the post codes in it ? I have downloaded the manual but can't find the answer there. (I hope this post won't get erased, I posted it earlier but the topic is gone, not a very nice thing to do)
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