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    Dual Channel MemTest Issues (OCZ)

    Hi Cuttlefish ive been talking with Ryder about this exact same problem we tried lots of different configs and no go, i tried with 1 stick as he suggested and the machine worked same as you then i tried corsair memory and both stick worked then suddenly same problem bsod now it doesnt want to work with 1 stick either ocz or corsair, i changed my memory with rayder and he told me it was good we tried another pair of ocz mem and it worked for a couple of months and same problem i dont have idea what is the source of the problem i changed everything ram psu video tried everything you did and no go, we have the exact same problem same BSOD errors and same pattern of problem even if our rigs are different i think its a mobo problem in this week im going to try this mem in another rig to see if it works... (the only difference i didnt have any memtest error) i passed more than 40hrs of memtest and more than 12hrs of prime but the machine doesnt like to be more than 4min on now it doesnt want to load windows.... it bsod when it finish loading windows..... if you find anything about it please let me know
  2. Ykza_DeviL

    Happy_Games Help Me plz!

    yes it passed some times 12hrs some times it locked it was pretty random the errors, everytime the error was random in time it could instant when it was loading windows or web browsing or playing but with time it was quicker and quicker to the point now it locks loading windows, the problem is so random that the guys from ocz told me to try 1 stick of mem and the mobo worked fine then i tried 2 sticks of corsair mem and it worked now it doesnt want to work with either configuration, ill try with the video and see if that solves the issue but last time i tought it was the memory and it wasnt!.
  3. Ykza_DeviL

    Happy_Games Help Me plz!

    the mem passed 32hrs of memtest and 12hrs of prime, even with that it keeps rebooting and givin bsod, i tried both orange and yellow and clear cmos and some mem tweaking from the guys from ocz the mem is running ok.
  4. Hi, im opening this thread again because i fixed my signature and i found someone that speaks english and can help me. My mobo as listed in the sig is a DFI SLI DR, i bought it in July last year and it had some issues with the ram (ocz 512mbx2 ddr600) i contacted ocz and they changed the mem (it wasnt bad) and the problem still was there the pc keeps rebooting everything is at stock no oc done. with this machine, ive tried all the basics different ram, different psu and no go the machine keeps rebooting to the point it wont enter windows anymore i formated a couple of times same effect it even give bsod installing windows... if anyone can help me with the rma or there is any solution that im not aware off please let me know.
  5. Hi friend, I write to you so that I need help. my mobo is broked. i send mails to dfi but does not give answer me. i send mail to Mr. Ming but not answer me. he worked in DFI. I need help with the RMA. Sorry for my eanglish but i from of venezuela and i not speak eanglish. thanks, I wait for your help. __________________________________________________________________________ Si alguien aqui habla español y puede traducirme le agradesco su ayuda. Mi mobo se daño ya hace como 3 semanas, quiero saber con quien tengo que hablar para lo del RMA. le escribi a un señor que s ellama ming pero despues que le explique mi problema no me respondio mas nunca. Gracias, y disculpen la molestia de que abri un nuevo tema para esto pero es que happy_games tenia el buzon full.
  6. ok guys, finaly i can talk whit a worker of DFI and i explain my problem to him. Thanks for you atencion.
  7. Hola escribo aqui por que veo que por lo menos alguien habla español, el problema es que mi mobo se daño y necesito usar la garantia, queria saber si alguien de aqui trabaja en DFI para que me ayudara un poco con el proceso del RMA. ______________________________________________________________________________ I need something of aid with some person that work in dfi, my mobo its broke and I want to use the garanty, but the problem is I live in Venezuela. Excuse for my english, but is my last resource.