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  1. these guys never fail too impress http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2006/04/25...g_update/1.html damn someone nicked my tvirus project before i even started,lol
  2. @loony (fitting name) your keyboard is gonna be a classy lady to change unless it runs on an el plate I would add blue to your case and change the leds in your razor personally
  3. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    thought i'd got the wrong thread there for a minute lol sorry I ain't been about much for the last coupla night might not be til late next week got major strife on at the mo ashame:mad: cos I could do with venting some anger!!! doh
  4. creative vision M are amazing if the cash is not a problem, definately
  5. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    yeah 40 members well done guys!! gaming starts tonight. fancy some DOD tonight?
  6. DuTcH

    G5 Mouse Probs.

    dfi.com pages for the usb drivers, check cables for condition and double check those usb ports , could be dust or tab off the IO panel which can be really nasty if it shorts the board, ouch!!
  7. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    ok server update is not good m/board went pop, dont know why or how but i've already bought another one its in transit,I have one ide 20g hdd donated still could do with some more if you guys have any spare. secondly we had some teething problems regarding last weeks gaming weekend but we will hopefully sort it this weekend we are gaming sunday and monday, sort of a focused session were we encourage all dfi users and dfi street members to join us in any game you wish to play any suggestions as always please post below, i have had a good week gaming (over 30hrs) wise rubberduck, latent power and integrale in particularly I have been gaming alongside, good work guys! thirdly we seem stuck at 39 members in our clan maybe the 40th member is deserving a prize.:confused: :tooth:
  8. the thread has got strange over the last few days lol i recommend the tempur mattresses their great a tad expensive and i prefer firm mattresses, side note a few guys with bad backs on here (me included), nothing to do with being hunched over pc's to the early hours????? any one recommend a good chair office style for long hours of gaming and pc work?
  9. eh? thats not alcohol mate, thats extreme psychosis, alter ego style, acute schiezophrenia go on there!
  10. ahh! guys what a year sorry to lay some heavy bad news on ya but me and my partner have just suffered are third miscarriage this year, that and a lot of other really heavy crap goin on. finding it a bit hard to keep it all together at the mo! maybe I need someones brightside to cheer me up?
  11. systematic intial build after cmos clear, can youi borrow a pci or pci-e of someone
  12. you have 6 jumper blocks move them all down towards the CE and trade mark writing on the board
  13. DELL QUADCORE? http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/con...c=DXCWZK5&s=dhs
  14. DuTcH

    Opty Mad

    Still Need One Of These Bad Boys
  15. hi im trying to no avail to set up SLI on my missus 3700+, lanparty sli-dr machine and wondered what are the best drivers to use as windows isnt recognising the second card using the newest drivers and DX9c thanks
  16. becos by next year multi core sharing and splitting apps and games will be commonplace. lol but yes overkill for this years games and apps that struggle with dual
  17. jbl, kicker all pap compared to JL audio W7's 13" puppies, ahh lovely bass! and i disagree some of the top end Euro cars, you would never rip out the HU cos theres not alot that will beat it out there
  18. yep lovin these straight onto the wishlist, I was wondering OCZ's next move as theres some really big competition out there at the moment, yet again they never fail to impress!
  19. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    I was gaming from 1930gmt -0400 gmt must of missed ya wev
  20. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    bf2 anyone? update on server tomorrow
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