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  1. i voted makita, the best drills ive ever owned, alas make bank balance/wife wont allow the arsenal i would and could buy
  2. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    I'll be gaming tonight if anyones on
  3. 589watts i think i got a few spare then,lol
  4. edimensional soundFX get a big thumbs up from me had them for a couple of weeks now.
  5. DuTcH


    edimensional soundFX I will never buy another gaming headset (under £30) they rock
  6. my personal choice is the antec 900 i believe it will become a modern classic as it is one of the first cases to head down the road of what enthusiats are looking for in a case, althou i agree the looks are quite controversial, if your on a budget why not find a s/h super lanboy or small lianli I hate joining the masses but i recently acquired one of these and i have to say they rock
  7. been folding for a few teams over the years fancy a change as seti and stanford are a little boring
  8. thats because it one of the three layers
  9. DuTcH

    Opty Mad

    im looking for a single card(im thinking 7600gt< ?) replacement for my rig below as 6600gt are being sold seperately and I want my space back bad news is my budget is only around £70-£80 its not really an upgrade just a replacement so any ideas and offers pls post, thanks
  10. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    updated first post to in clude our new voice server TeamSpeak [DFI] Gaming Clan 12 Slots Pls Feel free to make a much use of this voice server as possible we have no password as it is a public server and unless we have much hassle I'd like to keep it that way, the regular unwritten rules, play nice! at latest count, 42 members in our clan is great work, well done guys!
  11. 7-5win to teamspeak kind of shows who use it !?! but anyway I will setup a vent server as well in the new year if enough votes continue to come in I have setup the TS server: TeamSpeak [DFI] Gaming Clan 12 Slots Pls Feel free to make a much use of this voice server as possible
  12. bad luck for me my 80gb hitachi just stopped working doh! 14days old???
  13. didnt really want to start a new thread, but well done from me on a grand job with the forum looks great and it works really well
  14. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    okey dokey update time after many months and ££££'s of tryin to get a game server setup at home I am now in talks with a reliable friend in the business who will either take my server and connect it to his companies vast of array of servers in manchester or will setup a new dedicated server depending on price Im expecting figures to come thru tommorow, standby. also this voip poll i have setup is as clearcut as i thought it would be, so I will setup whatever wins this weekend and look to setup the other anyway in the new year. right im alittle frustrated at the lacklustre of sunday and monday gaming efforts, apart from the hardy few were not getting the turnout that makes these online games so addictive, so for my xmas wish guys I want to see a decent effort in the new year, can i also see a show of hands for a bf2 boxing day bonanza perhaps a prize or 2 as well?
  15. no u don't! stop kidding yourself, lol and this thread started so positively no one with an ounce of pc knowhow bases their views/purchases on any resellers reviews!!
  16. i must have the only ultra 500w exiestence that runs rock solid not that i would ever use it with nf4 or higher personally, but in testing its running like trojan
  17. yep the more you try to help some people the more they want, the term leechers comes to mind
  18. well i am suprised teamspeak is coming out on top so if there isn't anymore votes? I'll sort it for this wknd!
  19. theyve been filming it from may this year its already in my diary and its already recieved some harsh critism, but i don't care!!
  20. I hate ISP's they suck I thought I'd share my frustrations and open up the discussion to you all and to ask a few questions as well my cable broadband speed is up to 10 meg dl which is not an accurate description as I've only ever reached 7.5 speeds and only ever rarely seen dl speeds of upto 2mbps (and yes this is a rant) whats your best dl? uploads, my greatest bug bare, my upload speed is 1.5m but i have never seen over 700k which is rubbish special as ive been trying to start a gaming server whats best your ul? and cost? over priced here in the uk mine costs £35 p/m ( ive never paid this i'm paying £18,lol) so a new line is in order sdsl yes fast sychronised and dedicated line cheaper?!? every where in the world except the uk which still remains at around £300 p/m, ouch! very ouch! so what to do? this part of the computing world does not seem to be keeping the pace of the high speed progressive momentum that is computing thoughts?
  21. theres a valuable lesson to be learnt in cable management tiresome but true.
  22. on a new train of thought where do i start looking for a backlit lcd display module (for custom build)thats easy to use ie. no c++ skills required
  23. can we use this in any game then or just TQ?
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