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  1. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    no idea whats happening, any ideas? D estroy I t Y ourself ??????????????
  2. great work on the top delta sig kc. I like alot!
  3. a strange location for a steering wheel thou? hehe
  4. alas gone are the days were you could add some ram to your graphics cards - ISA overclocking will be missed lol
  5. hi all, having problems i recently acquired an AIPTEK Hyperpen which uses a PS/2 connection as I use alot of USB ports. it is receiving power as the led lights up but it is not being recognised by xp or working, I have used all types of programs and all drivers updates and whatnot with no sucess any ideas??:tooth: thanks p.s I am using usb keyboard and mouse, could this be a conflict?
  6. would like to see a compact version
  7. 10 minutes into 2007 and 7 and my first bsod! doh not a sign of things to come hopefully Happy New year from the UK guys
  8. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    anyone on tonight?
  9. this thread is linked to a question thats been rattlin round my brain for a bit the lead connected to my pc is the same as my HT amp which i just upgraded to £50 sheathed IEC lead is there any benefit in purchasing one for my rig?
  10. ehh? b16 redline upto 9k limited in the uk stock q/mile 15.1, superb 1600cc
  11. 6 years I only used kouros cant stand it now,lol I use Jean Paul Gautier, Dardoff cool water and echo, Ultra Violet, Hugo boss dark blue, and DKNY depending on my mood, I find different ones attract certain types of women (maybe I've gone mad) not that i'm on the pull anymore,damn it
  12. late reply but you obviously never took a honda past 5500revs, noob!!
  13. ace a little known fact that gimp can use many of the photoshop plugin as in filters and stuff its a bit hit and miss but there are a few pretty tasty downloads out there, im a fireworks/photoshop user I love gimp and all it stands for bought my adobe suite was (full retail-legal)free so I have no arguements with using it
  14. yep cant fault the build quality loving those flamed chrome trucks, a nice addition could be some dakota digital dials
  15. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    yes its being moved to a new location shadezero will post as soon as it has been relocated,thanks
  16. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    @eb whats your bf2 name?
  17. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    just on the off chance I didnt have enuf projects on the go already I just started skinning xfire in a DFI stylee:tooth:
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