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    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Hi all, I think its gonna be a while till I play enough to really support DIY clan and to be a good leader, so I stand down and happily pass the buck to wevsspot who was the original brains behind the outfit anyway. I'm not retiring from gaming or DIY street (as long as your happy to have me xD )I just got alot of other commitments recently, I have enjoyed the past year of gaming and look forward to seeing the clan increase and expand in the future. Cheers (was that informal enough xD )
  2. 1. Radiator I have 2 rads a thermochill 120.3 and black ice 240 2. Reservoir I have 3 -2x Thermaltake and one Alphacool but I fancy having 2 - one in bay and one custom-made inside my case 3. Pump I have an Alphacool Res/pump but thats a bit lame so I'll probably use the AquaXtreme 50z pump I have 4. Water blocks CPU - I have 3 - Waterchill, DangerDen TDX and AquaXtreme MP-05 Pro again I would use the TDX but its had a muppet trying to lap it ( no the muppet isn't me this time :tooth:) and so I think I'm gonna use the AquaX. GPU - I have I think 2 DangerDen Maze 4's I think but will have to check NB - I haven't one believe it or not :tooth: so will be looking for your advice!! 5. Tubing. I have Tygon that was used on of my friends for only a month so I'll use that it unless its "leaky" (is that even a word?) 6. Fans. As you can tell I really am a hoarder i have loads- 120mm i have 3 Arctic Cooling, i have 4 Aluminum Evercool of and also 4 Pabst. I could really do with some maps for sequencing this lot I am researching like mad so hopefully will update this soon but any ideas thoughts would be much appreciated!
  3. Yes after years of talking and thinking about it i decided to put my money where my mouth was and get stuck in! How wrong can it go?? (:tooth:) Got a shedload of gear from thermaltake/dangerden/aquaxstream/waterchill and much more :confused: I'm a damn hoarder! Im not promising the best build guide or paticularly the cleanest but it should provide some light entertainment :eek2: for your viewing pleasure!!!
  4. I got a bit bored of every game i today and thought I'd try the most random demo I could find welcome (drum roll pls ) Ship Simulator 2008................... ............ Don't! Just Don't!
  5. I liked the game! London is looking nicer joking aside it works but not earth shattering if it was the beta version i'd be more impressed not really held any wow factor nothing we haven't seen before which is upsetting considering how eagerly anticipated this game was!
  6. i clean mine with compressed air and wipes i know its a tad poncey but i dont pay for them so i dont mind
  7. as long as you let it dry you can clean most keyboards in your dishwasher!
  8. howdy wev no real problems with the eclipse had it bout a year now and its run well till now just wondered if there's a new contender? the logitech g15 is hot but im not convinced...... ........in the past i have found the brand to be a tad overpriced (bang per buck-wise) but that cud be just me :tooth:
  9. ok my saitek eclipse has died, for some strange reason the W,A,S,D keys are broken!? :angel: :tooth: looking for a replacement yes it needs to withstand much gaming but also has to be comfy for typing as well or is it as simple as buying the saitek eclipse vers 2 links would be helpful thanks guys
  10. DuTcH

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    missed anniversary but proud to be part of this awesome gaming clan
  11. DuTcH


    I had AVG AV Pro went down to free edition which has never let me down til Now following reviews on antivirus programs I found BitDefender which seems to be being awarded everywhere. Being as miserly as i am ran there free online test low and behold 5 trojan-flood viruses. happy days :tooth: my last 2 question (honest!) has anyone got BitDefender AntiVirus? And is it any good? oh that free online Virus Scanner http://www.bitdefender.com/scan8/ie.html
  12. DuTcH


    hi got a problem (it must be that time of year again) while i was playing World In Conflict my controls went scewiff (spelling-?) my view in game shot to the left by itself and the volume mutes on and off and i was promptly kicked out of game to my desktop and "windows search results windows opened 30 times ran updated avg and adware search nothing found problem continues uninstalled WIC ran updated avg and adware search nothing found problem continues(theres the pattern emerging here) now in DiRT uninstalled DiRT ran updated avg and adware search nothing found problem continues asked some help from local guys no good sons of .....^$&** "its a virus we can reinstall windows for you for £50" yeah right! ran avg and kaspersky still nothing found :mad::mad: played a bit of archlord samething :mad::mad::mad: on the postive side the last time it happened archlord was running as well as firefox and it maged to open 76 windows b4 the pc locked :eek2: oh and still nothing found on the antivirus
  13. had quite a few errors myself with this game it minimizes and open windows search boxes by itself thought i had a virus at first
  14. I got this game. Controls are pretty simple and well laid out in comparision to C&C. The story is quaint?!? (alec baldwin adds depth) Explosions ie airstrikes mortars and missiles are beautiful my new game! well kind of as i got DiRT at the same time and the single player section comes with custom missions
  15. DuTcH


    lol this game takes up 10gig but the graphics rock
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