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  1. Hello I figure since this is an overclockers forum you might know a bit about what happened. (I have a geforce 2 running on an amd 1 gig with 786 ram on win98) Before i went to school this morning i turned my moniter on and something made a slight poping sound and my screen flickered off then on. Now there are vertical lines all through my screen,the gamma is really messed up and i cant fix it using both hardware and software utilities,text and windows leave a sort of shadow,no 3d games will run well(the textures and shading were really messed up on jedi knight 2,soldier of fortune 2,and dark age of camelot,it worked great before) I ordered a geforce 3 ti 500 after this happened because i needed to upgrade anyway,but i would like to use this card on my other pc(which i tested my moniter on,its not my moniter),i have all the lasted drivers for everything. I posted here because i think the blowout was due to a lack of proper cooling,the fan it came with didnt work(which i JUST learned from the guy who installed it,but hes paying for half of my g3 because he didnt tell me or fix it,so who cares?). So my question is this,are the errors im getting from a burnout(my friend who installed the card thinks thats why) or is it something different. Thank you greatly,i really appreciate any help you can give.
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