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  1. I just checked out the GSkill memory availability of those over here and I could only find the PC4000 2x1024MB sticks and I'm not really gonna spend that cash on this old system. So I made an order for the OCZ ones. I'll try and sell my Kingston HyperX UL sticks... since they cost as much as the OCZ ones even more on some locations. So it shouldn't cost me too much Thanks for all the help thoe, greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok tried to play BF2 with those 2x256mb sticks and it wan't fun So i've desided to buy new rams anywho. U said buy OCZ's so i've looked on afew 2x512mb packages and set my eyes on: OCZ 1024MB Dual Channel Platinum Ed. R-2 Any disagreements on this choice or is it a good choice?
  3. Yeah i will take that about the OCZ in consideration. Not putting any more cash into this old system thoe. I'm just trying to get it to work for now. I'm planning to buy anew system in afew months so. EDIT: I found some old Samsung BH-5 memory sticks thoe only 2x256MB but immidielty i could boot with clocked settings even no hassle or anything... tried differant settings ect. So i guess that means that my Kingston sticks are not compatible with this motherboard, doesn't it?
  4. Yeah I know that but I can't change any settings... if I do then I can't access BIOS or get to windows loading screen :I
  5. Yeah but by running it in DOS didin't it show that the mem sticks are not bad? I'm not overclocking the computer at all. It's not stable on default settings or anything. It can only boot with fast mem timings if i use idiot safe slow speed timings then i can't even access BIOS... have to clear cmos if i even touch the mem timings.. And no it's not stable with the default settings...
  6. Ok an update. The first Memtest i did was in windows and that didin't work. But this time i ran Memtest from dos or where the TMod utility runs from and i ran it 2 full tests that took 1h and no errors at all... and the memory had the failsafe timings of 2-2-2-5. So i guess that means that my mem sticks are just fine. That leaves compability issues? or can it be something else? Thx for any answers..
  7. Ok tried to run Memtest but that didin't work at all har my first error after 20sec and then more and more each 10-15sec. But can't that be coz my memory timings are at 2-2-5-7? And no i can't change to slower ones becuase then the computer don't reach bios screen.. just black screen when turning on the computer. I can't boot to windows if i change anything really. I flashed the computer again also... with 711 again... didin't help anything thoe. I don't know what to do anymore. Got any idead
  8. Well as the topic says I have problems with my motherboard. Stability problems and compatibility problems also i guess Hardware: A64 3500+ Venice Kingston HyperX 2x 512Mb PC3200 Lanparty UT NF3 Ultra-D... ofc Hardrives : 36GB WD Raptor on Sata1 2X 200GB WD on Sata2 and Sata3 Audigy 4 Bios version 711 Now to the problems... Have major problems with stability ect. I can almost only boot to windows and use the computer even thoe it's unstable with the Fail-Safe setting in BIOS. The rams are running at 2 2 3 7 (2T) which is not stable and that is was the failsafe setting sets them to. Thoe if i change the settings i can't even get to windows loading screen, same if i change volts or any other smaller settings in BIOS. So i have no idea waht to do really... read somewhere that kingston and DFI boards don't match very good? Well was hoping to get some answers. /Road
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