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  1. I got the DOS Data Lifeguards Tools from WD as suggested and erased completely the disk. Windows don't detect the erased disk. Nothing changed. The I partitioned the disk again. WD tool has a very similar GUI to MaxBlast (may be the same) but has some improvements. It allow to copy an entire partition, so it copied my existing partition on IDE drive to SATA drive. I tried to boot from that partition, disabling IDE drive, but something is wrong and windows halts. Safe mode boot options appear but it don't boot in safe mode. Halts too.
  2. I think that jumpers on IDE drive should not affect SATA drive behaviour but just in case, I will try different combinations. IDE drive is already conected as master on controller 1 DVD drive is connected as master on controller 2 Regarding MaxBlast tool, it has not the limitations as other manufacturer tools (like Seagate) that are only intended for their own devices. It detected the drive and formated it smooth. Anyway, I will wipe out the disk and see what happens. I updated the double port IDE controllers drivers with nForce drivers. Windows accpeted them so I have not forced anything. And two Storage devices appeared. I am not sure what they are. May be the 2 partitions on SATA drive? I will wipe the disk and look for changes.
  3. Following the advices of wevsspot I double checked BIOS again. All IDE options are in auto. SATA ports were enabled all 4 of them. I disabled 3&4 as I not use them. As result my devices manger screen changed. 1st image is with all 4 ports enabled. 2nd image is with 3&4 disabled. Note that instead of 3 primary and 3 secondary IDE remains only 1 of each. But still I have two PCI IDE standar double channel controller. One with the yellow mark on it. May be this one belong to SATA ports? Should I try to change drivers for it to NForce drivers? I hear your suggestions.
  4. As you can see in the image below, it is not shown at all. My system is in spanish but I am sure you will recognize each element. The device shown as Disco 0 (Disk 0) is my IDE drive. SATA drive should show up as Disco 1, 2 or n.
  5. Hello old_geekster, right now I want to use it as storage as you said. I already formatted the drive using MaxBlast CD as I cannot see the drive within Disk management. BDore, I used nforce drivers but they didn't work for me (hope to find why).
  6. I have just installed Windows XP. No extra drivers installed. Checked with RAID enabled and disabled. Drive still not detected.
  7. I enabled the 4 SATA ports within Genie BIOS menu. There are two options: one for ports 1 and 2, and the other for ports 3 and 4. I set both enabled. As said, I tried with RAID enabled and disabled. Right now I left that option disabled. I installed the motherboard drivers from the CD that came with the mother and also installed new ones downloaded from NVIDIA site. I will right make a new clean install of windows on my old IDE to try a different sequence of drivers installation. I will try only windows drivers as Lowboy suggested. See you later.
  8. I tried all 4 ports. Cable is ok because I tried the disk on another PC with ASUS mobo and Promise SATA controller and it worked smooth. Which BIOS properties may affect on windows only? Remember that I tried win98 and it worked.
  9. Let's go again Windows XP, installed on my old IDE drive is not detecting the new WD2000JS SATA hdd. I looked at disk management within computer management but it is not there. Also looked at device manager and no SATA or SCSI devices are listed. The drive is working properly. I could partition and format with Maxtor Maxblast cd tool. I booted up from an old Win98 diskette and could access to partitioned drive. Also I could transfer win98 system to SATA drive and boot from it. I tried to install windows on SATA drive. With IDE drive attached setup only allow me to install on IDE partitions. With IDE drive disconnected setup halts showing a message that no drives were found for installation. In both cases I tried with and without providing RAID drivers for F6 option. I tried the drivers that came with mobo and several drivers downloaded from NVIDIA site. None of them worked. I think that the problem are drivers. Could someone tell me where can I find other drivers?
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