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  1. i also didnt buy it i am more of a try b4 u buy kinda guy , been burned to many times. after i try it out i will decide if i will buy it or not
  2. Kevin 5'10" 250lbs 33 White Male AMD Nvidia
  3. 8906 dont know how to link it , i'm a noob
  4. yes i am old school irc was the place back then this was a great place back then i wish all the pics wernt lost .
  5. well let me warm up to it i dont have anyhting to argue about yet and i need to get a mod or 2 on my side if i wana cause waves . on a side note my warrning level went down so maybe i do have a mod on my side .
  6. i have been playing with toy cars , racing rc offroad cars for a while i onlt started gaming again a few months ago playing supreme commander so i figured i need a new comp and what better place to figure out what i should get . overclocking has become more main streem now so i am guessing i wont have to do any math this time just set it and forget it .i still rember my first oc with a pencil that didnt go well . more members mean tighter rules so my arguments will have to be toned down alot . and i am a old man now so i prob wont have the energy to go crazy anyways . now i have to figure out the best water set up with the least matinence .
  7. 05 isnt bad . good to see some ppl stuck around , maybe after i go shopping i can come back and argue a little . it looks like all my old pics r long gone .
  8. ya i have been ou tof the loop so long intel took back over , whats a amd guy to do , i am gona try and stay loyal i htink fo rthe money they r both pretty close still anyways . but it would be nice to have the 45nm so u could push them some more . is there any hope for amd in the next 4-6 months ?
  9. ur pretty close what happend to the chat ? and where did all my posts go ?
  10. any old schoolers around still . i didnt see 1 name i know here anymore
  11. ok i am going to buy a new car but i dont know too much about them i was wondering what u guys thought of this 1 http://www.duratrax.com/cars/dtxd62.html . anyways i have wanted to get 1 for a long time price really isnt a issue as long as its not over 1k cdn all inclusive i dont wana find out i need somehting else after i get it home . any help would b great , i know theres a few of u guys out there playing with these .
  12. 2600 m @ 2.63 with 1.825 vcore water just a screenie 2.6 kinda stable , good enough tfor games and 2.5 is rock solid
  13. samn video card same hdds same proc . great minds . good luck to whos next
  14. wish i was back in the good old days of missing school cause the snow or ice
  15. alot of driving in my job lots of time to sleep . i am not the 1 driving
  16. no i do know they will work . have u been on there driver page latly it has alot to choose from ati site always had like 1 choice and if it didnt work well u had to go hunting . i guess i havent looked in a wial so i will now . but it took forever for me to get a driver that would work with my 7500 aiw a wial ago and the 4 meg cards forgetabout it . i just checked and theres only 1 choice for radion . i am willing to bet that it will only work on 9xxx cards and maybe , maybe the 8500 thats it . this is my first blue star post
  17. well then sorry for breaking the streak , been up way over 24 hours and i still have to go to work . not sure when though still didnt get the call . i know i will b sleeping at work today .
  18. well where r u hearing all these nvidia probs to say that atis r better cause i hear ati probs all the time right here and in my own house . u try and get a 7500 aiw to work today . i will bet just about anyhtign that u can get a card juat as old to work easyer with nvidia drivers .
  19. no i saw ur case , ts ben a long night nd i am just about go to work i just tough u were thinkig that ur setup was diff , better then the rest of ours . i htink most of us have the same set up as u as far as fans r concerned .
  20. bending it straight nice ! i dont know what ur fsb is on that chip but i have a 3200 and my rams runningn at twice urs so it might b time to upgrage from the bendy ram
  21. i wouldnt worry too much about being old i mean u still have 5 years till we can call u a cougar . oh ya and u guys have any kids on the way yet ?
  22. if ur lucky u got it at bestbuy or somehtign and u can just take it back to them .
  23. it is a nice game . and d3 i never did recive that game u sent me .
  24. thats not that big of a diff that diff could b caused by many things the other guy could just have a better o/c or a cooler system . anyways ur ram is old if i was u i would look into some new stuff .
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