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  1. dont take it personal you can never make everyone happy , i am sure there are things i would like to see done differently . but i am jusy happy to see how i stack up with the current members. and if i get some free stuff along the way well sweet music for me . hopefully i will end up in the top 20
  2. most ppl on here push to see what they can do not to game any faster its just like any other hobby and it can also make ur computer last longer i mean longer between upgrades. most of the ppl posting there i would say are nubs and have no idea what there talking about but then again this is the interwebs and everyone is right.
  3. ok i am ready for the 10th spot lol here it is 20225 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14469582
  4. here mine 965 x 4 @ 4170 WATER M4N82 DELUXE BFG 280 GTX @ 751/1245 AIR 8 GIGS DDR2 1600 CORSAIR 800D http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14502870
  5. its always nice for the guy in first place to tell everyone else that winning dosent matter.THX
  6. without hardware classes this seems like a ati / i7 contest. i just busted my butt hitting 20k , oh well maybe next time. i run day to day at 18k the last 2k was a push good luck to the rest of u guys i guess
  7. logitech anything with a mx in the name . i have had them all some times in dubbles
  8. what a nice guy hes compairing to my score in the very next post
  9. heres the best i can do as of now 20068, sorry i dont have all the screen shots maybe tomorrow i will go take care of that http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14462971
  10. bump up the proc to 4ghz and add 4 more gigs of ram and keep it for a few years.
  11. i am in, i'm sure i will lose but why not try right?
  12. wow biggest news i have heard in a while long time bfg user
  13. 36 idle 45 gaming 52 full load for a long time i am at 1.4v @4.0ghz on a 965 BE
  14. guys i need more of a walk through then that i have no idea what that is . i have searched but i am getting no where
  15. first i am only getting 250-300 PPD using a 965 @ 4.0 and second i am only running at 25% usage. can someone walk me through getting it to use all the cores and tell me what kinda PPD i should expect.
  16. why even talk about it apple isnt into selling computers there selling a way of life there selling a peice of art to ppl who like the art. if someone buys the mona lisa for 25 million are they getting ripped off cause they could have got the paint and some canvis for $12 ? just chill out sleep well cause ur computer is faster then anything apple sells and forget they even exist.
  17. today when i was in the store they had a line up of 20 ppl and no one in the store , the line up was just for looks every 5 min they would go grab someone . what a joke. they had like 20 on display
  18. i guess alot of ppl will be waiting for this review
  19. ok i am ready to recive.lol
  20. k1e1v1i1n

    Starcraft II

    i wasnt comparing sup com 2 to it , i was comparing #1 and total annihilation, witch were and still are massive scale games back in TA's hay days they would put out new units every week there are more units in that game then any other i know.
  21. k1e1v1i1n

    Starcraft II

    supreme commander 2 is a completely different game then all the rest it might not even be called a rts , and have you every played sup com #1? saying theres no micro macro is just dumb . most ppl give up the game because its to hard to learn , but i guess dont try and and keep thinking your right thats alway the best way to go .
  22. k1e1v1i1n

    Starcraft II

    no other rts ? lol supreme commander hands down is the best and before that total annihilation. star craft caught on so well because it was cartoonie and a little easyer to pick up then TA and now that supreme commander 2 came out and was a flop it dosent mean that #1 isnt still the best rts out there. just my 2 cents
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