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  1. it was all with asus "turbo v" i will run some tests next weekend
  2. can i still use asus oc tools in safe mode?
  3. ok heres the last 1 for me on this system here ya go http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14502870
  4. OK, So I felt bad so i took another crack at it cause some didnt like that it was only 1 core including me so this is the best i could do with all 4 cores. i forgot to show the mem i guess i was too excited , well i wont be trying this again for a while so u will just have to belive me. mem would have been 453.0 Mhz 1:2 5.0 5 5 18 23 2T
  5. thx guys i was getting pissed at all the wires to a put the tower on the other side of the wall , it was quiet before but now i cant here anything at all . and its running cooler cause in a more open room and close to a window 30c idle now @ 4ghz i bet it will hit 28c at night
  6. ok here it is take a look and make fun of me
  7. cheeping out on ur mobo is a bad move its what makes everything work together. its a common mistake that u can cheep out there . 2x 460's on a cheep mobo is fail
  8. if ur gona shoot anything why not shoot some sheets onto ur bed b4 the next pic.lol
  9. the temps were low as there was no load and ya if i want to get all the cores high i will only get 4.3 maybe max
  10. See post # 6 for update on the show with all 4 cores at max heres the best i could do i could get 4480 if i was faster with the mouse or maybe if smoothed out my win7 install
  11. i guess i will have to man up and get a bucket.
  12. at 4ghz its super stable at 4.1 its stable to run prime but i dont like the heat at 4.2 i cant prime it but i can play all my games at 4.22 i can get a bench in but thats about it . i am not looking for help to get it higher for long term just for short term for bench marks .
  13. i am not sure i would have a place build me a pc where sales men try and push 16 gigs of ram on u and 8 tb of hdd space what the hell are they building a server ? building a computer is like making a sandwich its so easy anyone can do it all u need are some parts a screwdriver and about 2 hours for ur first time. my last build took me 20 min to unboxing till first post.
  14. ok so i have been able to get to 4.22 and get some benches in but i wouldnt call it stable anyone have and experiance with this board have any ideas for me i am not hot at all idle 40c max is 55c . day to day i leave it at 200x20 and when i am pushing it its more like 238x17-17.5 ish anyways looking for some tips . so far it looks like 238 is the max fsb i can run unless theres some kinds setting i am missing if u need more details let me know i will get them
  15. thanks for the list but the words of discuragment were not as helpful. also for everyone crying its not fair i wana make a rule that u guys 1000 points for every year u have been a member just to make it fair for ppl who have put in some time. lol
  16. if were wishing here i wish there was a score board
  17. i wana see a duct tape monster win the contest do it up and take lots of pics
  18. shouldnt be any issue , not yet at least
  19. there should be a way to see all the old stuff . i have tryed myself to find old posts but i cant see them when i search for mine i can only see the posts from the past few months
  20. some big scores are comming in now . time to get ur computers in the freezer
  21. i am playing to win i have 3 days into the score no sandbagging here
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