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  1. irc is working but its a pain to get in, took me forever to get in . try mirc
  2. the D14 wins in normal situations but the H50 and now the H70 can be modded for extra cooling. i have shown +15 with my H50 can the D14 do this in a house thats about +22c-24c inside ? and before u say anything i know its not a every day set up i was using but it was working for benches and test runs and the like.
  3. thank you i am sure everyone here will appreciate it along with all the millions of ppl doing google searches for this very same set of conditions. maybe in the future u guys can set up some kinda modders review of things i mean there are so many mods for just about every cooler out there i am sure ppl would be interested in seeing what there stuff could do with a little tweaking. maybe this review could also include whatever the best fans he has around as well to see if more cfm helps or if theres a limit to the cooling power of the system. again thanks
  4. well i am ready any time anyone wants to play its the only game i play currently. i am easy to find on there same username every where i go
  5. all the ai is stupid all u have to do is withstand there first attack and then turtle and nuke them its the same thing time after time easy win .
  6. that info only helps ppl who dont own a h50 or h70 . but i will be waiting to see ur numbers after u put the 2 fans on the h50 of corse its better but is it worth the $100 or could you save urself $90 and just buy a fan and get the same numbers . this is clearly the answer EVERYONE is looking for.
  7. lol 3 on 1 against computers , i just played 4on 1 online
  8. i played the campaign when i got the game but i have been playing online sence the game came out
  9. k1e1v1i1n

    sup com players

    lookin to see if there are any supreme commander forged alliance players in here.
  10. it is a bit confusing there are too many repete colours maybe time to trim a few of the lesser coolers.
  11. dont get bad cause every other phone is woth nothing after 6 months of owning it.
  12. i could not find 1 review that showed the h70 vs the h50 with the same fans on it . the only review i could find they put some 1600rpm fan on the back of the h50 and then compared it. i wana see 2x2000rpm fans on both and see what the diffrence is.
  13. dont get ur hopes up the info your looking for is missing.
  14. i will jump on the iphone bandwagon too, i mean the new 1 looks amazing weather it is the most powerful or not is besides the point its a joy to surf the web on and as a added feature it actually holds some value. i would say if the phone isnt being used for work then the iphone is still the only way to go just like the ipod .
  15. i was gona say tim overload but i guess not if its working. sounds like it could have been water on the card and it started working after it evaporated just a guess
  16. ati/amd wont have any rma issues as they dont sell cards direct and there not stopping making cards just changing the name. maybe the worst thing out of all this is ati isnt Canadian anymore
  17. the whole media industry needs a kick in the pants not a new way to get money out of us. there comming out with so many ways to make money without giving any ownership of what there selling. u buy a car u own it , u buy a painting u own it, u buy a stick of gum u own it . but if u buy media your just using it. if i see 1 more ad with someone who makes 20 million a movie talking about how copying a movie is taking food off there tables i am gona tear out my eyebrows
  18. i think thats the question on everyones mind who will be reading this is it worth the upgrade? it is a good review except that the main piece of info most will be looking for is missing. maybe corsair dosent want that question answered?
  19. still no review with the H70 vs the H50 with dual fan set up , a little dissapointing. i am sure thats what everyone was waiting to see.
  20. holly hell . i have been in a few smashs myself this 1 looked fun. was it slow motion or were u caught off guard?
  21. u still need air movment in water cooling. theres a review on this site with both of those coolers in it.
  22. then bizzle is right , if u cant have water then thats the air to get. if u dont mind me asking why not water . i mean its cheep its quiet and works just as good or bettre then air.
  23. corsair H70 get it and forget it. yes i know it says H dont be scared
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